Getting married in 3 weeks

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Getting married in 3 weeks


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wOW! Everything is speeding up, but that could be a good thing to have the wedding overwith! It will be fun to announce the babies at the reception and watch everyone's jaw drop!! Biggrin

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How exciting! Have fun planning quick!

Good timing too - you'll be entering your 2nd trimester right when you announce! Won't that be a scene at your reception?!?!

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congrats! 3 weeks! how exciting! i think it's a good idea to move up the wedding. i dunno, i guess i'm old school about it but i think it's nice when the parents are married. i know that isn't everyone's cup of tea but i think it's nice.

can't wait to hear what you come up with when you tell everyone that it's triplets! you could have some big time fun with that!

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Congrats how fun! Moving it up vs out sounds great Smile

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How fun! Can't wait to hear reactions...

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That is so exciting - congrats!!!! I too can't wait to hear what people say when they hear triplets. I know you will be busy getting married and all but make sure to take time to post Smile

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Congratulations! I think it's definitely best to get married before you have the baby; you won't have the time and energy for all the planning after the baby gets here! I was 6 months pregnant with DS1 when I got married and it worked out great. Have fun!

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Congrats!!! I think announcing it at the reception will be fun! Hmmm...maybe cupcakes with three peas in a pod or something like that....

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Why not do the civil ceremony in 3 wks and thenthe reception and party stuff when you had originally planned to wed? maybe then you won't miss out on the money?

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Is it too early to do a baby shower in June, i dunno?

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Since i have no life and couldnt sleep last night I came up with a suggestion for your reception. (Ignore me if this sounds stupid or you think Im butting in where I dont belong).

You could get your three children to come up with each a picture of ONE of the babies ultrasounds, but dont let anyone see what they have in their hands. Then you can announce that you are pregnant and you brought a few pictures to share. Show the pictures but of course no one will know that they are three different babies (tell everyone who knows to keep it a secret).

Next you can tell them that you need suggestions for baby names, and that they should write them down and bring them up to the head table. After an hour or so you can call everyone to attention again and get your kids back up with the pictures. Read out the names and say thank you but for now you have some other thoughts on names. Then get each child to turn over their picture and have it say, triplet 1, triplet 2, triplet 3 on the backs Smile

Corny but I think it could be cute!

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