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Right now, what gift would you most appreciate?

I would love a day at home ALONE!!

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I would love for some one to clean my carpets Smile Or get me a new bed! I would be happy with either one... (You hear that DH) Wink

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I would love to have someone come and clean my house from top to bottom!

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I woule love for someone to come along and do all my university assignments for me.

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I would love for someone to hand me a check for a million dollars

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LOL Jen that would be nice! I would like a good night's sleep without kids waking me up in the night or in the morning.

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a maid for a few hours!!!

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A gift certificate for a prenatal massage would be Heaven!!!

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Someone to come and clean my house from top to bottom. I think that would make it a little bit easier for me to keep on top of it.. Cause right now I am struggling to just keep up and I can't get ahead so I think that would be an excellent thing Smile

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