Good HCG check

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Good HCG check

I got a call from the MW office that my HCG was up to 24,000 on Friday. The woman I spoke with sounded very happy about it. And I figured out that she's not actually a MW; she's a nurse practitioner who helps out in their office. She's the one who called the last time and freaked me out about the possibility of miscarrying. I'm so relieved that she's not one of the MWs in the practice, because after our last conversation, I really didn't like the idea of her attending the birth at all. I've even been calling her the "grim reaper MW" to my DH. I have another US scheduled for Friday, and if that looks good, I think I'll be ready to relax a bit about this pregnancy. So far I've been feeling pretty hesitant.

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That's great news! I go for my first check in about an hour and a half. You've given me hope that all will be good.

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Wow those are fantastic numbers!

Goodluck for your u/s on friday Smile

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That's great news! Smile

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Yayy!! So good to hear that your numbers are going up. I can't wait for your U/S update!!

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Those numbers are fab!!!!!!
Looking forward to meeting your Bean/bump on Friday...can't wait to see the U/S and hear all about it!!

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Awsome numbers! Smile

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Great numbers!! Looking forward to hearing about the u/s on Friday. Good luck!!