good luck today, sandra!

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good luck today, sandra!

today's the day...right??

good luck and ELV comin' atcha!!

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Ditto!! I hope it's a nice easy delivery!

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Baby soon, no more belly soon either!
Looking forward to family photos! Biggrin

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Good luck! ELVs to you! Can't wait to meet your baby !

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Thanks everybody! Just waiting for the hospital to phone me!

I got up an hour ago and showered and french braided my hair. Packed my last minute the wait begins!

I'll start a post when I get called in. Anyone on my Facebook can feel free to update the thread since I'll be updating on there regularly! Jasmine is my birth buddy but who knows how busy she is with Lazslo Smile

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Good Luck! Hope they give you a call soon ! ELV's to you!

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Sandra...I am so excited for you!!! I can't wait to see pics and hear his name. Good luck to you!

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**Lurker** Good Luck Sandra!! I am praying for a fast and smooth labor!!!

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I just called L&D to see where I am on the list. I'm 5th on the list for inductions today but it's almost noon and they haven't had room to call anyone in for induction yet. She said she doubts I'll get in today. Sad I will have to go in for a NST this afternoon at some point though.

Looks like baby day might not be until tomorrow.

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AGHHH!! Let's hope for some super-fast births for numbers 1-4 ahead of you! Smile

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Boo to maybe not getting in today! I have been checking this board today to see if there have been any updates. That would be so frustrating to think today is the day and then be told probably not.

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Awww sorry if u have 2 wait another day :(. Sending ELVs just in case!!!

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Oh no! I hope something changes and you get to start the induction today. ELV's!

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Oh no! :openarms: