Great News - saw my baby!!!!

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Great News - saw my baby!!!!

So happy. Went to my OB for the first appt. Appt went fine - I am high risk (last PG got pre-eclampsia) -no DTD but we saw the BABY!!!! After the spotting I was so scared - a big part of me was convinced it was over. We could not find h/b on doppler so she did an u/s and there was my little one dancing all around. I just cried!!! We are doing a u/s next week just to make sure there is no reason for the spotting and to ensure we are moving on out of the first trimester. I love my doc for calming my fears!!! I am just so happy!!

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YAYYYY it's all good news all the time from here on out - It has to be! Congrats! I'm hoping when I go back at 10 weeks to get a peek too b/c I doubt he'll find the HB on the doppler

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Yay! That is fantastic news! So nice when the doc can calm your fears.

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Good appointment Melanie! Smile

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I have been waiting for your update and it's the best news ever!!!! Yayy Melanie- I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!
Your doctor sounds wonderful.

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told ya Wink


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Thanks ladies!!!!!! And it is even better as my m/s is much better. I promise I will be around more now Smile

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Thats awesome Melanie congrats...:yahoo::bigarmhug:

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wonderful!!!! so happy for you!

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Congradulations! I am so happy for you! Great appt!

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That sounds absolutely wonderful!!

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Congratulations, I'm thrilled to hear baby was active!

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Great news!! So happy for you.

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Thanks everyone - I really appreciate the support!

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Glad everything is looking good Melanie!