had appt today....long (update--added info)

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had appt today....long (update--added info)

What a long day another long appt....got weighed and have gained about a pound but still in the negative LOL....wasn't able to get any answers from the ultrasound, I knew I should have listened to my.instincts when I realized it was a student tech....she didn't put any pertinent info down as far as the twin details...so went for antother us at the.hospital and the tech told.me my placenta was right next to my cervix so I think I may.have a marginal previa(maybe it has moved away from it and was the cause of my spotting) not.going to worry.tooo much about it yet...what we were reAlly worried about was if there was anything seperating the twins...it took a long time and 3 tranducers later we have a membrane!!! So relieved....sex of the.babies was a no go....we had a good money shot, but there was nothing there LOL...only 16 weeks so not too upset about not knowing lol...
On.another note....I am planning on switching docs, so I can deliver at a hospital that has a better nicu, where I am currently is a level 2 and I want to prepare for a preterm babies ..if they are born fairly early they will.prob get sent there anyway and I dont want to be stuck recovering somewhere and babies elsewhere. Unless there are very serious complications they would get sent there....only like 10 minutes further so I am looking at like a 45 min drive...not too.bad...I really like my mw now and.will have to switch I an ob...but she already said she is planning having me see the ob a few times anyway...I just really want to be in the best hospital for me area in case we have preemies....

Ok I think I'm done...LOL

*** oh i forgot...i was measuring 14 weeks last time i was there...got measured today and measure at 22 weeks so that means i grew an astonishing 8 weeks in only 2 weeks!!! omg!

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Hey from December Wink

You're down in weight, too? I was starting to feel bad about that. I'm down 10 lbs from when I found out, 6 lbs from my first visit to the OB. I sure wish it was easier to eat.

I was also thinking ahead a bit about NICUs -- I hope we won't need it but it's good to know it's there.

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I'm sorry no good answers about gender Sad

Any word as to whether the twins are identical or fraternal?

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Glad your appointment went well! Yay for a membrane! That is really good news. Hope the placenta moves up for you. Sorry you didn't get the goods on their gender. I'm dying to know myself.

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Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one that's popped. I feel like I am 20 weeks...

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"sweetsriracha" wrote:

I'm sorry no good answers about gender Sad

Any word as to whether the twins are identical or fraternal?

I am pretty sure hers are identical as she mentions the membrane, which is usually only a problem in identicals because they came from one egg and just the membrane seperates them. Whereas frat twins are 2 seperate eggs, 2 seperate everything, but there are some identicals that are 2 seperate everything, it all depends on when they split.

My friend is having identical boys (within the next few days, I think) earlier on she had problems with twin to twin syndrome. They took some fluid out of the one (or whatever the procedure is) and since then there growth has been perfect and they have been almost exactly the same size. That was around 19-20 weeks.
She had contrax throughout her 20's and was on bedrest. But since she hit 30 wks, it has been smooth sailing (I mean besides being a whale Lol ) She is 37 wks something and is scheduled for 38 wk c/s. Hopefuly you will hold yours in that long too!

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I remember that growth...when I delivered at 26 weeks I was measuring 42 weeks...crazy! I am so happy that you are going where they have a great NICU...even if the babies are only in there for a day it is better to have the best of the best. We were at our NICU for 102 days with my son and they were so wonderful. I have been to other NICU to visit other friends and they were not nearly as good as the one we were at. Since my babies were micro preemies they would have transferred us to the one we ended up at and I agree...it would have sucked being at a dif hospital healing. Congrats on everything going well!! So excited to see what they are.

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Congrats on a great U/S! Sorry you didn't get to see the sex of the babies, but it does sound like they're identical, which would be so much fun whether girl or boy!!

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Glad that your appt went well and that there is a membrane. Whew. I was wondering about my own measurements as I thought it odd that I haven't been measured yet. Hm.

Regarding the weight gain--I have FINALLY started to make some progress in that area--a whopping 4 lbs. Still no where near where the books suggest I should be at 16 weeks, but as long as the babies are growing well--and your tummy is growing well (which it clearly is!) I think you are fine.

Sorry you are changing mw--but seems like the safest solution. And, I am sure you will get that gender information soon!!:)

Take care fellow-twin-momma-to-be!!