Had my anatomy U/S today!!

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Had my anatomy U/S today!!

Hey girls, just wanted to let you all know that I had my big U/S today and baby Trystan looked perfect! My U/S tech was awesome... a little cherrleader-y, with her "baby looks just gorgeous, baby looks just perfect" in her high pitched voice lol, but was wonderful. We got to watch the entire thing and she pointed out everything that she was scanning, from arms to toes... although after 3 other kids I pretty much know what all I'm looking at lol! His HR was 148, and I'm actually measuring now for a November 30 due date, but I'm still gonna keep my EDD at Dec 1 since it's just one day before lol, but I don't feel as bad for posting so much in here considering I'm now officially a November girl lol! Anyway, he looked just beautiful, and I got some great shots of him sucking his fingers, she kept the picture very still and you could see his little mouth moving up and down while he sucked on his fingers, it was the cutest thing!

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Yay for a great ultrasound!!!

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You need to post pics one day girl!!!

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Congrats on a great u/s!

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Sounds like a fab u/s even with the techs crazy high voice. Glad everything is looking good and you can feel more comfortable posting with us Smile

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yay! glad all looks well and you got another anatomy confirmation Smile

and you're TOTALLY an important part of our board!

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"sugspop" wrote:

You need to post pics one day girl!!!

I've tried so many times, I can't even tell you! I can't figure out how to post any pictures on here!