Had my appt at the diabetes clinic today

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Had my appt at the diabetes clinic today

After I left I prompty called DH and started to cry. It was all great information and the diet plan seems pretty easy to follow...just have to learn what is a carb etc. It is not just breads etc. And they were quick to explain to us all (7 in class) that it is the pregnancy hormones causing the GD. So now I have to test my blood 4 times a day, pee on a stick once a day and keep a complete food diary. I just got overwhelmed. I take my BP daily and keep a chart of that. Now I had to see the diabetes doc next week, as well as a nurse and dietician. They are two hour appts every time I go in and the doc will decide next week if I go once a week, every two weeks or every three weeks. And of course I only see him on Fridays. My OB on Thurs, Internal Medicine Specialist on Mon and Perinatologist on Weds. Plus I go for reg tests and ultrasounds. It just seems so overwhelming right now. All these docs are within a block of one another but no one works on the same day. It takes about half an hour to get there and costs me $5-$10 each visit for parking. Please do not get me wrong - I know the support I have is awesome but wow! It is a full time job just to keep up with it all. So I had my cry at how overwhelmed I was - went out and bought myself a new maternity top and sun glasses and am now getting ready for a wonderful long weekend of camping. I really hope you guys dont get sick of me whining about all the help I am getting - I will do ANYTHING to get my little girl here full term and healthy - it is just hard sometimes. Especially when things are going so well and I feel so good. DH and I had agreed we would not have another baby...part of me was sad but after all of this I knwo it is the right decision. By the time the baby comes I will find it so easy as opposed to growing the baby Smile thanks for listening

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That does sound overwhelming! Big hugs to you!

It will all be worth it in the end. :bigarmhug: Make sure you get plenty of rest to go along with your busy schedule!

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Melanie, I COMPLETELY understand feeling overwhelmed by that crazy appointment schedule! :bighug: (((hugs)))

I'm glad you have so many resources for eating well with gestation diabetes...but next week sounds crazy busy. Sad

I wish you luck with all of the added responsibilities...and I hope you have so much fun camping this weekend!

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Aww, Melanie! I'm so sorry you are overwhelmed with this! I only have an OB and a Peri and I can get overwhelmed sometimes. I can't imagine what you're experiencing right now! But all of this will benefit your precious little girl. Hopefully, it will get easier and you won't feel so stressed. :bighug: Please KUP!

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:bigarmhug: share when you need to!! You've got so much going on! In addition to all those appointments you have a son and family! You have more than earned the right to take a time out here to share! But it will all be worth it in the end and it won't be forever.....

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Im so sorry that youre going through all that! It'll ask be worth it in the end!

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Wow that is a lot of appt. It stinks that they don't work at the same time! I wouldn't be abel to keep all that straight.
How's everyone's recoveries coming? (your mom and your husband) you definitely have a full schedule!

Katie, my little girl saw your picture and said, "Wow that little boy is all alone with all those dogs. The dogs must take care of him." Lol

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You have every right to feel overwhelmed!! That is A LOT of different appointments to go to on top of all the self checks you have to do at home! I completely understand why you feel this way!
Here is hoping you have a great time camping!

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Phew I'm overwhelmed just reading this too! Hope you are feeling better after a great weekend camping. It sounds like a heap of work, especially in the beginning, but I know you can handle this - you're an awesome Mamma!

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Thanks everyone for the support. A weekend camping was great. The diet is pretty easy to follow...just a ton of food. I feel like I am always eating. I was sure that I would come back and gain 10 pounds but I lost a pound. Since I am still have some nausea it is not easy to eat the 6 meals..I heave alot. But I get it all down and my levels have been great. It is alot but I think I have a handle on it all. Thanks for listening!!! I know when I hold this little girl I will forget about it all.

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How overwhelming. I hope all is going well and you get a good system going.