Had my last OB appt

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Had my last OB appt

So saw my OB for the last time today in the office. Her final words to me were...see you in the OR next week! Appt went well. Baby is good, she went through u/s and blood tests with me. All looks well...no pre-e. But my BP is up...she wants me resting alot. Basically I am on modified bedrest until next week. No more running around like I have been. Which does make sense...when I rest and put my feet up I have no swelling and BP is managable. I see my Internal Medicine Specialist tomorrow and do a NST then that is it until the pre-op. 8 more days...wow!

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I'm so thrilled you've had such an awesome, healthy pregnancy! 8 days is totally manageable - you are in the final stretch!!!

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How wonderful that this long journey is about to end, and you finally get a little girl to hold in your arms! I couldn't be happier for you! The home stretch is slow but it will be here so quickly!

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Congratulations on a great appt! I'm so excited to see pictures of your sweet girl. This is your last week of being pregnant! Yahoo

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AH! This is going so fast!!!!!!

Congrats on making it so far, and take it easy over the next week!

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only 8 more days?? i can't believe it! i can't wait til these babies start rolling in! i'll be so far behind everyone.

sending you best wishes for a nice relaxing last week before your beautiful baby girl arrives!

now, what are you going to do to treat yourself? i say get your toesies done and maybe a hair cut or blowout. and don't forget to eat some yummy stuff too! last week to indulge Smile

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Congratulations Melanie, I'm so excited for you! So glad you get to rest up and count down now!!!!

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Thanks guys!!!

Nancy...no worries I have started to treat myself. Haircut yesterday and shopping yesterday. DQ dipped cone today...yum have not had one the entire PG. My treat will be resting and catching up on my PVR. I have been to busy to watch it all.

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The final countdown! So exciting! Congrats on a wonderful appt.!

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yay!! 8 days is soo close!! take it easy Smile

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Yayy! Can't wait to see your sweet little girl!!!

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AHHH! I am so excited for you!!!

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So excited for you! I know you can't wait to hold your precious baby girl!!