Had my NT u/s today

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Had my NT u/s today

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share that I had my NT scan today. They told me to be there at 8:30 AM to check in, so I showed up & no receptionist was there. I was sitting in the waiting room till like 8:50 before she finally showed up! But I didn't mind too much cause DH had the kids so I was just enjoying the peace and quiet. Smile

So anyway, it was really awesome to see the baby, since at my 7 week u/s the picture was really crappy and all I could see was a blob. The baby was sleeping when they first put the u/s on, but then he woke up and started doing barrel rolls. I also got to see the baby swallowing and touching its face. Baby was measuring a couple of days behind so they switched my due date back to 11/28.

The NT measurement was 1.4, which sounds pretty good from what I hear, but they wouldn't tell me anything until they get the blood test results also. So anyway, it was a great appointment! After seeing the baby I totally feel like it is a boy, although I was convinced my last two were girls & that turned out completely different!

Have another appointment with my doctor tomorrow, then I think nothing until my big u/s on 6/24.

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Congrats on a great appointment! It's so cool to see our babies " in action"!!

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I have had that happen where the receptionist wasn't on time. I am glad it worked in your favor.

it is funny how your gender feeling changed.

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1.4 is great! And, yes, isn't it so fun to really "see" baby..especially since to early to feel yet?! I am totally addicted to my u/s's!!:):)


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Congrats on a great appt! I can't wait to see baby again... my mom wants me to do one of those 3D U/S (just for cosmetics, they make you a DVD and take lots of pics and can tell you baby's gender as early as 16 weeks) in about a month to see the sex of the baby, although I'm fine waiting until my normal OB U/S which is around 18-20 weeks.

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Again congratulations on the scan and such a great NT measurement!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so happy that you got to see your little one and that everything looked so good. How did the doc appt go?

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The dr. appt. was uneventful. Dr. tried to listen to the heartbeat but he couldn't find it, so got another peek on the u/s. Baby was sleeping this time, very cute. Smile

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That sounds like it was a fantastic ultrasound, congrats!