Had my OB appt last Thurs

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Had my OB appt last Thurs

Sorry I have not been on since last week. It has just been crazy busy here. Thurs I was with my mom for a 6 hour pre-op - she is having knee surgery and is staying here after. Then I had my OB appt. Then we left town on the weekend.

So my appt went well. BP of course high in the office but still doing well at home...I check it 2 times a day. Babies heartbeat was in the 160's as usual. I just love listening to it. Pee test was fine. We talked about c-section or vaginal and looks like I will be getting a c-section. I have a bicornuate uterus that has a chance of rupturing if I go into labour and with my bp issues we are not sure how my body would handle going into labour. She feels it is best to do a scheduled c-section....which I have to agree. She is still worried about a preemie but I told her been there - done that and I will be having a full term baby this time. Delivery at 26 weeeks is just not in the cards...she laughed at that. She must think I am crazy to think I have control over it Smile The referal went through to the internal medicine specialist so I will start with her soon. Doc is still keeping me coming every two weeks. Still no exercising or DTD...we will discuss again after the 18 weeks u/s.

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Glad you had a great appointment!

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Sounds like a good appointment over all, hearing the heartbeat never gets old does it. I'm sure with positive thoughts and a good Mum-to-Tum dialogue you can influence your baby's birthdate Biggrin

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Glad your appointment went well. It sounds like they are taking pretty good care of you. I agree, no preemie this time, OK?

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Melanie, I thought of you last night! I'm glad things are well with you - we certainly missed you.

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Congrats on a good appt!