Had my OB appt yesterday

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Had my OB appt yesterday

The good news is we heard the baby loud and clear on the dopper - h/b was in the high 160's and pee test was fine. Bad news is I left feeling a little depressed. I am considered high risk - which I knew. I have to see the OB every two weeks. She is referring me to an Internal Medicine Specialist and a Perinatologist. Nothing is going on right now but because I had such bad pre-e with my last PG that hit very hard and quick they want to be prepared. And my BP sky rockets when I see a doc. I take it at home every day and it is perfect - the minute I am in the office it goes high. She is happy that I am keeping a chart and taking it regularly. I am not allowed to DTD, exercise and she is worried about how I am going to care for my son - who has cerebral palsy. I was really hoping that the second trimester was just going to be stress free. But I find that everyone preparing for the worst is making me stressed. I chose this doc because she is the one I started seeing when I had problems with my previous pg and she was awesome in a crisis. But I find that she acts the same when we are not in a crisis. Don't get me wrong - I am thankful to have everyone looking out for me and the baby but I just don't feel like anyone is celebrating anything and darn it I want to celebrate. I have had 6 m/c, had 2 1/2 yrs of infertility before having my son - I thought that me getting pregnant on my own, in the first month and getting out of the first trimester is a reason to celebrate. I will be fine now that it is Friday. Once DH gets home from work and we start our weekend and my sister and family come down I will celebrate but boy did that appt get to me. And it is weird I am strong person and does not let anything get to me but I just can't shake it. Thanks for listening to my long vent Smile

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:bigarmhug: You do deserve to celebrate! And maybe you'll have a great healthy pregnancy. I'm sure ultimately it's most important to have a doc who can handle a crisis but it has to be a bit of a bummer right now. But every easy day you experience is a reason to celebrate in my mind! So celebrate away!

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This may seem weird but celebrate that you have such great doctors they are watching you and making sure you get to celebrate. Try not to stress that they are preparing for the worst, that's their job and that's why we pay them. Their job is to make sure your LO arrives safe and sound and that momma stats healthy, too.

Celebrate this pregnancy and this baby and the doctors that are looking after you so well. I'll be praying that your pregnancy continues so smoothly and that you and baby stay so healthy for entire 9 months!

Also, does your insurance cover a home nurse for your son? It could be very useful with the new little one, even if it's just for a few hours a day.

Sorry to bust in as I am a Lurker on this BB but I wanted you to see a different perspective.

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Im sorry that your feeling so bad about things.But Remember you are the one who is pregnant.It is the Dr job to worry and prepare for the worst and your ob to enjoy the ride. Take a few minutes ( when you get time) and think only postive things you have to look forward to during the 2md trimester. Now would be a good time to enlist the help of people though with the things your gonna need help with.Remember it is better to be safe than sorry.You wouldnt want to be scrambling around last minute and have to see a dr who you have never seen when your in crisis right?

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:bigarmhug: you need to celebrate. you have reached a milestone!!

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Melanie, it certainly seems that your pregnancy has been a blessed journey of destiny so far! I wish you all the best - 2/3 done! Biggrin

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You can feel free to celebrate with us! We're all so happy for you. You can always prepare for complications but you need to not stress over them...you know it isn't good for the baby anyway Wink Relax and enjoy...you are in good hands with your doctors.

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Melanie I think of you and root for you everyday!!! I am so happy to see your positive pregnancy updates- you are beating the odds!!! You definitely deserve to celebrate!! And I think your dr. needs to acknowledge that too! Everything is going great, you survived the horrible first trimester and the baby is doing well. That's fantastic!!!
I hope that your BP stays within normal and you don't develop pre-e at all.
For now, enjoy baking your precious baby!!!!!!!!