Had my u/s today!!!

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Had my u/s today!!!

So we went to the u/s today and baby was doing great. H/B was 173 and baby was measuring 12 weeks exactly. Baby was pretty lazy moved a little but mostly chilled out, head down - bum up :). Arms moved around a little. I am just so very hapy that we made it to 12 weeks with a healthy little baby!!! Whoo-hoo. All of my miscarriages have happened before this time - we are just so relieved!!!! They gave me an actual picture - not on CD. So I will try to take a pic and put it up for you guys to see.

**edited to add that seeing my baby so strong and good was worth all of the 24 hour sickness and fatigue...still happy I am feeling better this week though

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YAY!!!! how exciting!!!!! congrats on some great news!

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That is very exciting news!!! Smile I have my 9 wk u/s tomorrow am. I can't wait!

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Oh Melanie it makes me so happy too!! I am so glad your baby is growing nicely!!
A funny thing. My baby was chilling today too!

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So glad to be hearing good news! We need it!

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I have been stalking you since you posted that you were pregnant again on the july board!! YAY! for making it to the second trimester!!! Wishing you a HH9M!

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thrilled for you, Melody - excited for your spot-on measurement and the little bit of motion you got to experience!

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great news!!!!

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Hooray! I'm so happy you've made it to 12 weeks! Glad you had a great U/S!