Had my u/s today

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Had my u/s today

All went well. Baby girl is about 6lbs 14oz and hb was 135-139. She looks so healthy. Fluid levels are good and placenta is great. So my high BP is not affecting my LO. I was so relived. Kidneys are the same so that is good. And she has hair. The tech took the time to show us all the hair around her head...it was so cute I cried. I was so relieved that she is doing OK. So doc said come back next week for NST and then the week after APGAR scores Smile No need to deliver earlier!! I got my c-section time. OCt 26th at 7:45am. I am excited it is early. I would drive myself nuts waiting all day to deliver. I feel better. BP is still high so I will just accept that and try to not let myself get crazy. Thanksfully accupuncture really helped calm me down...and seeing my sweet little girl helped too. Thanks for all the positive words yesterday!

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Fantastic news Melanie, hope you can relax a bit now.

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Great appointment! That's so awesome about the hair. My tech showed me Carter's hair today and I was so excited! October 26 is my mom's birthday and hopefully the day I'll get to have my induction, too! The end is almost here! Yay for babies!

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great news. wow 10/26 is pretty soon Smile

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Congrats on a great appt and on seeing your little princess!! That's so exciting to have the date set!!

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That would be ADORABLE if you and Jenni had birthday twins! Biggrin

Melanie, glad your US went well! Sounds like your princess is a great size. I'm also glad you got an early C-sec slot!

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Fantastic news Melanie Biggrin Glad you got your special date set for 26th!

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Thats awesome! So your LO will be a scorpio Smile Does red hair run in the family?

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Christina...I never noticed that my baby would be a scorpio. Nope there is no red hair in the family. Why?

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