Had my ultrasound

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Had my ultrasound

Well, I finally had my ultrasound today!

I was very worried that the baby might not be ok after all the bleeding I have had (it's been 2 weeks now) but the baby was looking great! They found a clot of blood pooling over the cervix, and the doctor said it looked like there had probably been a tear in the placenta that had bled but was no longer bleeding. She said I'll probably continue to have spotting for a while, but as long as it stops by 20 weeks it's nothing to worry about. She said just continue to rest & stay off my feet as much as possible for at least another week, assuming the bleeding does not get worse. So that's a relief for me.

She said there were no signs of Down syndrome, but I decided to have the amnio anyway, just based on the blood test. I am not that worried about the results though. I was closing my eyes during the amnio, but DH was watching the baby & he said the baby was grabbing the needle. Kind of scary, but the doctor said they often do that.

And the exciting news.....it's a girl! It was pretty obvious, after seeing "boy parts" on two ultrasounds before, this one looked totally different. I am totally in shock cause I really expected a boy, but very excited!

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That is the best news ive heard all day!!! Yay!!!!! I'm so happy to hear that she is just fine. Was the amnio painful? Hopefully not. And she grabbed the needle?? Wow! So...weird and cool!

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Awwe you are going to have a little girl!!! Congrats!!! I am so glad that the scary bleeding isn't affecting your baby!

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Justine, congrats on the good news! I'm so happy baby seems healthy! And congrats on the sweet little girl!

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I'm so glad that everything looks good! Congratulations on your baby girl!

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I'm so relieved you have the answer for the bleeding and that all looks good! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! Rest up and enjoy Biggrin

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So happy everything is okay! Congradulations, Team Pink!

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glad you found a reason for the bleeding! congrats on your girl!

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Congratulations on your girl! I'm glad things are going well in there. Wonder what would cause a tear in the placenta... did they say?

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DH asked that question and the doctor said that the egg probably didn't implant properly so part of the placenta was not strongly enough attached and pulled away easily. Kind of confusing but whatever.
She said that around 20 weeks the placenta goes through a change where it starts to attach itself more firmly to the uterus, so that should hopefully stop the spotting.

Oh, and the amnio was definitely more painful this time than when I had it 5 years ago...maybe this doc was just not as good at it or something. Still kind of sore today...

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I was so excited to see this post, and had a huge smile on my face the whole time I read it... especially when you got to the "it's a girl" part! I'm so happy for you! I told you not to worry about those stupid tests! I'm so excited for you... congrats!!!

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I am so very happy that they found a reason for the bleeding and that your baby GIRL looks great. I can't believe she was grabbing for the needle...crazy. Take a rest momma you deserve it!