Had my ultrasound on Mon and still have no idea what is going on

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Had my ultrasound on Mon and still have no idea what is going on

So just to recap. I got the call on Fri that I had to be in for a ultrasound on Monday...that I knew nothing about...and I had just had an ultrasound just about two weeks ago. Could not get any answers from docs...nurse informed me that they got my test results and I am glucose intolerant...which I took to mean Gestational Diabetes. So my internal medicine specialist was supposed to call over the weekend...she did not. So I went in for ultrasound still not sure what is going on...thought I would ask there. Well tech came in and said she is confused why she is to do a detailed anatomy scan since I just had one and all looked great. She had spoke to perinatologist and they agreed just to do a blood flow check and a couple other quick shots. Tech was great and confirmed I am still having girl. So at the end the Perinatologist comes in to tell me everything looks great and they will see me in 5 weeks. So I am ask him why I am there. He said it is routine for people with high blood pressure to have blood flow check. He then went on to explain what could happen....pre-eclampsia..IUGR etc. I cut him off...having lived it 6 years ago I really don`t need to go into it all. So he made the appt sound routine. I was more confused then ever. When I went out front to re-book she gave me a copy of all upcoming appt there and with internal medicine specialist. On the print out it showed today`s ultrasound as URGENT...so what the heck. Then I come home and the diabetes clinic called and wants me to come in for a 4 hour appt this Fri. I told them that DS was having dental surgery....oh, so you can`t come in. Sure I will just put my son out, leave him in the hospital and pop on over. So I am going next week.....and I still don`t have any test results. I think in my case there are just way to many people involved. I am lucky to get the care but this is ridiculous. My OB will have alot to explain on Thurs when I am there. On a good note baby looked great, her heart rate was 163.

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glad all is well, but how frustrating!!!

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I think you need to explain that eith what happened last time that you are extremy sensitive to not knowing what is going on. Point out that it can't help your blood pressure to be stressed. Then ask nicely yo please keep you informed.

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That must have been frustrating to be there and having the tech confused even as to why you were there again. i guess they are just following all the recommendations for what they should look for in a HBP case... but it must be tiring to be poked and prodded and to go to all of these appointments!
I am super happy to hear that your little girly is doing well in there, being a happy little munchkin!

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I think you should call your OB. Sounds like someone is confused about what's happening. But great that you got to see baby and she's looking good!

Just wanted to add that just because you are glucose intolerant doesn't mean you def have GD. At least I don't think so. I am insulin resistant but don't have diabetes. I just have to be careful that it doesn't turn into diabetes. Just watch your sugars. Eat protein with carbs!!

Keep us posted Smile

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How frustrating! I would be calling my doc and having them call me about it. Hope you get some answers soon, and yea having glucose intolerance does not mean gestational diabetes... they are two very different things. Hang in there!

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So glad baby is doing well. Wow, what a confusing appt you had! So sorry you have to go through this stress!

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I'm glad that the appt went well... but I would be just as frustrated as you are!

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So frustrating but I'm so glad baby looked good. I hope you get answers and things continue to go smoothly (minus all the urgent doc apts!)

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Ack, how frustrating. I'm so glad all looks good, you got another peek at your wee girl, and the techs and clinic staff were helpful. ITA with Freesia too. Hope everyone is on the same page for you next week!