Had my ultrasound today...some good news and some bad

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Had my ultrasound today...some good news and some bad

So today I met with my Internal Medicine Specialist first. She is thrilled with my BP and with how well I am doing. I only see her one more time before I deliver and then she will see me the three days I am in the hospital. She congratulated me on making it this far with doing so good. I left there feeling great...until I went for my ultrasound. Remember last ultrasound...two weeks ago they told me there was some fluid on one kidney. I knew we would be looking at that today. First 99% of the ultrasound went great. Heart rate was 143, weight is 6lbs 2 oz. She was sticking her tongue out and opening her mouth adn then it looked like she licked her lips...so adorable. She was practising breathing the entire time. Fluid levels were good, placenta and all was great. Now for the kidneys. When they were measuring them there was such a difference that I even noticed it. The right one is about 3 times the size of the left. So the peri basically said that they think there is a blockage in the urethra. Therefore the urine is not draining from the kidney to the bladder. Next week I will meet the urologist that will follow baby. They will do at least one more ultrasound before I have baby then one a week or so after. After she is born they will be able to see better and know exactly what we are dealing with. Perinatologist said more then likely we will need to do surgery and she reminded me that alot of people live with only one kidney. I told myself to remain calm until I learn more next week and then even more when she is born but I lost if after my appt. I called DH and just cried. I just really thought that all would be great and OK and really she is oK. She looks like she is going to term and is doing great. But I had a poor me moment..I really wanted to have my baby and just go home with her. Things with DS was so different...there was so much intervention...which he needed but I did not want to go through all of that again. Luckily I won't be but there is still something that we have to deal with. I am feeling better about it now but.... Although I did end the night on a high note. I did maternity photos tonight. I decided the other day and was able to get in tonight - I was worried that I would not be able to get in before I delivered by the photographer was great and squeezed us in. I hope they turned out as good as it seemed. I will get then in a week and a half or so - I will share then. Thanks for listening if you are still reading Smile

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Hang in there Melanie! It's great they are keeping all over this kidney with the extra scans. It's okay to be worried and it's also okay to hope things turn out perfect. How cool you did your photoshoot, I'll bet the photos will turn out fabulous Smile

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Melanie, I totally understand your fear and frustration! Sounds like baby is in good hands and you are doing everything right! My thoughts and prayers are with you and LO.

How exciting about the maternity photos! Can't wait to see them when you post! Smile

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I feel your pain with the kidney issues since we have had u/s for dilated renal pelvis since 20 weeks. Did they diagnose pyelectasis or are they sure it is an obstruction? PM me if you want to chat about it.

Looks like your are still growing a big baby Smile The last 2 u/s we have had baby boy is so crammed in there we can hardy see his face:)

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Oh, honey, I am so sorry! DH has chronic kidney problems, so we are aware of all that entails. It's not easy. It sounds like the baby is doing well, though. Do they have any idea what is obstructing it? A stone?

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:bigarmhug: I know there's nothing perfect to say but you've done such an amazing job holding up this pregnancy your little girl will be amazing and it will all be fine Smile huge hugs!!!

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I'm glad that so much is going right and I'm terribly sorry to hear about the kidney issues. Of course it's great that any potential problems were spotted early and that you have a urologist at the ready for your daughter. That said, I hope you won't diminish the extra worries as a "poor me moment." It is completely understandable and OK to mourn the perfect, stress-free birth. You have been dealt more than your fair share of pregnancy stressors. Congratulations on making it so far with this pregnancy. Show off those photos when you can!

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Sorry to hear your LO is having kidney problems Melanie. Hopefully they can get her all fixed up soon.

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I was wondering how you were doing!

What kind of mom wouldn't worry? It's hard to seperate the intellectual from the emotional, but remember, even though this is a bump in the road, she will be fine!!! It is not the same situation as with DS. She is in capable hands and will be in your arms soon.

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((((HUGS!)))) i'm sure you're going through so many emotions right now. but i'm so glad that 99% of the u/s went great like you said.

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You have every right to be sad that your little girl has some kidney problem, any mom would be sad! I know that she is almost 100% healthy so she will be fine once that problem is corrected, but still- you deserve a complication free delivery and a take home baby. I am sorry that this dream was taken away today. Feel free to release your stress!
She will be fine though, you know she will!

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I'm sorry! You totally deserve to feel HOWEVER you want! I've known two perfectly healthy, athletic, vibrant people who are living with one kidney (my nephew was born with only one), so I'm sure all will be more than well with your perfect princess!

P.S. I'm really excited to see those maternity photos!

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You are most certainly allowed a "poor me" moment when it comes to your LO. I am sorry that you are having to deal with this, but my thought is it is always better to deal with the known than the unknown, or a "surprise" issue later. Hang in there. It sounds like you are getting awesome medical care.

And, can't wait to see those maternity shots! I bet you look gorgeous.

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Melanie, I'm so sorry for this news. But it is true, that lots of people only have one kidney. My father was born with only one kidney, and has never had any medical problems of any kind. I know it's not the news you wanted, but hopefully everything will turn out just fine... I'm sure that it will!

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oh sweetie your LO will be great and you are allowed to be worried that is your LO if you weren't then there would be a problem. Glad to see that you have great doc at your side Smile

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Big hugs Melanie!

I know how discouraged you must be since you have been doing so well this pregnancy! You and your precious girl will be in my thoughts and I'm sure everything will work out!

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Melanie - where are you in Alberta?

yipeeladybug lives in Calgary and had a kidney transplant. I know she is active in the Kidney Association so she may be a good source of info for you.

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Thanks everyone for your support. I am doing good. I have learned through all my experiences it does not help to stress and think of the worst..I need to just relax and wait to see what specialist says next week and take it one day at a time. Ithink Asha said it best when she said my dream was taken away today. I just really wanted after all that we have been through that this sweet little girl come out, be healthy with no problems to follow up with and then come home and we start our life. But I truly do know how thankful I am that everything else looks good...great in fact. And it still looks like she will make it to my scheduled c-section date...that is great!! Thanks again for listening and supporting me. I have not talked to alot of people IRL about this as so many people in our lives feels so sorry for our situation and alot of people expected there to be problems with this pregnancy because of my history. And I am so the glass is half full type so I did not need to hear all this.