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Had some appts

First I saw the Diabetic Doc. He is very happy with everything. Sugars are very under control so he told me not to come in for a month...whoo hoo!!!

Then I saw my Internal Medicine Specialist. Things are good there too. My BP was great in the office which is a first. They lowered my BP meds again...I am now on half of what I was before I was PG. The dietician there is quite concerned because according to their scales I have not gained any weight since June. But with all the food I am eating for the diabetic plan and the baby is a great weight they can't say I don't eat enough. The docs don't seem concerned just the dietician. I was supposed to see them in two weeks but since I have a u/s in three weeks they are letting me do both appts in one day

Then I saw my OB yesterday. She has no concerns at all over lack of weight gain. Was happy to see how good my u/s was. The only concern I had was the pelvic pain..this is new to me. I was not worried as I assume it is all part of PG but thought I would mention it and she agrees it is normal. I described it to her that I felt like I had been riding a horse for three days. I also mentioned I had a little spotting on Monday but she nor I are concerned about that. Baby's heart beat was in the 150's...nice and strong. She is thrilled that I am past where I delivered last time and everything looks good. I see her in another two weeks...I am just glad she is not making me come every week. I am assuming with all the docs I see she will keep me at 2 weeks.

Best part of all this doc appts is I don't have a one next week!!!! The only appt I have is for acupuncture...I will enjoy not being at the hospital for a week!

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Fabulous, Melanie! I'm glad you and your LO are so healthy. And I'm frankly a little jealous of the no weight gain Biggrin

Enjoy your "week off" from appointments!

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Yahoo for great appointments!

Ditto what Jasmine said, totally jealous of your lack of weight gain.

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Thanks guys! But don't forget...I started off chunky so I don't need to gain alot of weight. I have now quit worrying about it...if there was any problem with lack of weight gain my LO would not have weighed 2lb 3oz at 25 weeks.

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Melanie, I'm actually curious about your acupuncture routine. Are you doing a biweekly or monthly visit with a care practitioner, for general pregnancy/health support?

I'd never been poked pre-pregnancy, but I've gone about 3 times now to an awesome practitioner on an as-needed basis. I know I'll be utilizing acupuncture prior to my due date to encourage LO to NOT be late. I'm wondering how many times/how often/when I should go for the most accurate results.

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Wonderful news, Melanie!

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Congrats on the great appts!

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Glad everything is going so well Melanie!

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First of all Congrats on getting past the time where you delivered last time! That's a great milestone!
I am so jealous about the no weight gain.... you really must be monitoring your food well! What's your menu like?
Enjoy your doc-free week!

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YAY for 27 healthy weeks and good doc apts!! C'mon at least 10 more like this and you'll be term Smile I've got everything crossed for you!

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I'm so glad to hear that your sugars are under control. Yahoo

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Great work Melanie, congrats! Enjoy your week off Biggrin

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Thank you!!!

Jasmine - I started being a huge believer in acupuncture when DS was a baby. It really helped him with reflux and colic and many other things. I promise I will be running there with this LO if she has any of these problems. For me I have done a couple sessions through the years. Then when DH and I decided to try for a baby and I got PG two times but m/c then I decided to go regulary to try to help prevent another m/c. Then I did get PG while going twice but m/c two more times. Then when we tried with this one I just believed if she was meant to stick she would...and she did. I started back around week 12-13 this time around and go every two weeks...although she has been on holidays for a month. I really believe it helps with so much and for me I was using it more as a preventative method for possible problems. I feel great after. I will continue to do every two weeks until LO is here...unless something goes wrong then I will go more frequently. Doing this chiro and cranial I feel I am being very proactive so we do not go down the same path last time.

Asha - when I first got diagnosed with GD I was very strict with my diet and lost 5lbs in 1 week. Not sure how - I eat more now then I did before I had GD. So I eat 6 meals a day - each one has protein, carbs and fats. The main meals have 3 proteins and 4 carbs and 2 fats. The snack meals are 2 carb, 1 protein and 1 fat. So it is alot of food. I keep things pretty basic with what I eat but since my sugars have been so good and my weight has not gone up I allow myself treats when we are camping. I have had smores, chips and dip etc...not alot but some. I really think the food combination and always eating is a great way to fuel the body...after I have this LO I am going to ask them how to do this diet but for not being PG. Right now I eat 2100 calories a day! I can't believe I eat all this and still don't gain weight but my LO is growing very nicely.