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The hair on my legs is growing at an alarming rate! After I shave, I have stubble in an hour! This is insane. Not to mention its hard to see the bikini area because of this new belly. I can't lean over like I used to. I think that Matt is going to be giving up some $$ for a wax for me! (Not sure I trust him around delicate areas with a razor :eek:)

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I love that being pregnant makes my hair and nails grow faster.BUT I am not ok with the hair anywhere other than my hair growing fast lol. I hate to shave so it sucks.That being said after 6 months the bikini area becomes alot harder to deal with. UGH not looking forward to this.

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I actually got some peach fuzz on my face!!!!!! So not happy about it. I too find my leg hair growing quicker. But I find my hair on my head is growing too but so very very dry! It is weird all these little things during PG.

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I have the same hair on my legs is growing like crazy and under arms as well.. Smile the only one thing i have noticed is that my hair on my head is falling out.. Sad anyone else have that problem.. ???