hand, foot, and mouth disease. ew.

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hand, foot, and mouth disease. ew.

i'm still on my trip to hawaii but wanted to check in to say hi Smile

the last couple days thomas has been really cranky. reeeealllly cranky. i thought he was getting his 2 year molars but after i noticed a red mark on his tongue i decided to take him to a pediatrician here on the island. i'm glad i did. the doc was great and really nice. turns out thomas has hand foot and mouth disease aka coxsackie. ugh!

i started freaking out because i thought that was bad to be around if you're pregnant. the ped didn't seem to think it was a big deal unless i had never been exposed to it before. he said that it's such a common virus that i almost definitely had been exposed. i got a hold of my OB and he said not to worry about it. he said that the disease that's the bad one for the preggo is fifth's disease.

anyway, that's my story. we're having a really nice time here and come back on saturday. thomas was amazing on the flight here so i'm definitely dreading the flight back. no way i can strike gold twice!

i hope everyone is feeling well! i've been a little crampy but nothing crazy. just the ole uterus stretching. my stomach has started popping a little but it really just looks like i could stand to lose 10 lbs!


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Oh I'm glad you are having a great time on vacation!

Hope that Thomas recovers quickly and fingers crossed the flight back goes well.

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I'm so sorry about the hands/foot/mouth disease! Poor little guy. I remember having it when I was around 10-ish? One of my filthy little brothers brought it home. Anyway, I have this very vivid memory of the Dr saying "it really should be called hand, foot, mouth and buttock disease." TMI, but yup.

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Sad Awww.

My DS had that last fall. YUCK.

Hope you can still enjoy your trip!!!!!!!

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I am glad you are having a good trip...besides DS being sick. You will have to share some pics!

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Hi Nancy, hope you're really enjoying your vacation in Hawaii & that Thomas is feeling better really quick!
My DD has had that 4-5 times, it's very common in the region where we live now (could it be something to do with being near the ocean or the temperate climate?). It's not just spread by dirty BMs though, it's transmitted by saliva & contact too. First round my DD caught at a playground during the big move down here, so I feel your travelling pain. Apparently there are something like 8-11 different strains in my region, some worse symptoms than others, sometimes no mouth sores. Hope Thomas has a mild case

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Wow, my kids have hand, foot and mouth disease right now too! Is this like the season for it or something? Maybe they pick it up from traveling cause mine got it in Ireland. They both had a fever and then the next day the fever was gone but they had this rash all over the mouth, hands and feet. The plane ride home was a nightmare cause my 2 year-old spent the whole time scratching and crying, and I kept having to put ice on his rash. Ugh.

Hope you have a better experience on your flight!

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ugh my dd had hfm last month! It was awful! So sorry you are having to deal with that while on vacation Sad Poor little kids just hurting so bad and nothing you can do for it Sad good thing though is it only lasts a few days then it's gone

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our son has had hand foot and mouth virus before, it sucks!!!!

5ths is bad for pregnancy.

enjoy your vacation!!!