hand shaking/jerking

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hand shaking/jerking

For awhile now I have noticed that keiras hand moves back and forth like she is shaking it but it goes in the same back and forth movement atleast 8-10 times before she moves it in another direction. I don't think shaking is the right word as her hand is really not shaking but more of like jerking back and forth. Does anyone else have a baby that does this? Is it because she is still not able to control her movements? Should I be worried... I don't really want to google anything as that can lead to over worrying but I don't remember Kayrael doing that so I just wanted to run it by you ladies and see if there are other babies who are doing the same thing.

Also are any other babies still a little stiff in the legs.. I brought it up at keiras 1 month appointment and the doctor said she did seem a little stiff but it should work it self out.. When do they become less stiff?

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I would call your dr. If it really worries you. I don't know what she is doing exactly so I don't want to assume anything, you know? About the stiff legs, Gianni's legs are deffinatly not stiff but my DS1 had stiff legs at this age, we have a pic of him standing on his own leaning against the couch and he is perfectly fine.

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Well, as Keira is only one day younger than Trystan I would assume that developmentally they would be at the same stage... Trystan definitely doesn't have any stiffness in his legs, so I would ask the dr. about that again. As far as the arm movements, they don't have that much control over their movements just yet (although they do have some, as T will put his fist in his mouth to suck on it when he's hungry), so I wouldn't worry too much about that. But again though, it's not going to hurt at all to call his pedi and ask about both if it's really bothering you. KUP!

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Her little neurological system is still so young and new...this is a normal thing for babies. Carter's legs did that for a few weeks. He has since then outgrown it. If it worries you, though, call your pedi.