Happy mother's day!

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Happy mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you all get spoiled and have a great day!

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How was your first Mamma's Day in Edmonton? I hope there were some chocolates being unpacked, hee hee.

We had a crazy day. DH let me sleep in till 8;20 then I opened my cards. DD had made a craft at school with a sweet card, DH gave me a 4-my-wife card, DS gave me a card where DH had managed to help him put in his first handprint (awwww) and first scribble (sniff). And I got a mondo bar of Lindt milk chocolate, mmmmmmmmmm. Then I nursed DS & we all rushed to get on the 10:30 ferry to Vancouver.. fare has gone up again, $91 = $182 round trip!! We then rushed off to pick up DSD Jeremy's eldest to take her for lunch to celebrate her 17th birthday. Then we rushed to have a quick play of games at a funpark, dropped DSD back off at home and rushed to Ikea. Had a quick dash through, quickly did some measurements and planning for a little nook project just as it was closing. Our dear friends met us for an icecream and we visited them in the parkade, lol, it was a 20 minute rush visit but better than nothing! Then we drove like mad to catch the 7pm, and got it with only 1 minute b4 ticket cutoff!!! Thanks to DH mad driving, otherwise we would have had to wait to the 9pm sailing & wouldn't have had the kids hime till 11pm..phew. As it was we were an hour past DD's bedtime - what a day! By the time we got home jusst after 9 we were shattered! We won't be doing that again anytime soon. But, this weekend we have to take 2 ferries to get to Gramma's house (cha-ching) but at least we have a couple sleeps there between ferry rides!. Sometimes this Island living is painful.

What did you all do on mothers day?

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We had such glorious weather for Mother's Day!

DS1 was too sick to go to church, so I went with DD for the first part, then came home and stayed with the boys while DH went for the last part of church (we live across the street from our church so it's easy to take turns if needed!) DH bought me a little treat of M&M's (the pretzel kind Smile mmmm) and a friend of mine stopped by with some flowers for me. My friend and I took DD and DS1 for a walk around the block and enjoyed the weather while Emerson had a nice nap.
After supper we drove over to a great playground and let the kids play for a while. Then we talked to our families on Skype and called it a night!

I am still waiting for my 'Mother's Day present' in the mail - I ordered it myself Smile Lucky DH didn't have to pick it himself!

I already have this necklace with DD and DS1's names and birthstones, but I don't have a charm for Emerson yet. I decided to order this necklace instead with all 3 kids names on it. So that's my present once it arrives!

Also Emerson gave me a great gift - he slept for his longest stretch ever on Saturday night! 8:30 pm to 5:00 am! Last night was OK too - 10:30 pm to 4:45 am.

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My Mother's Day started off crummy...and ended fabulously! I actually headed home from work about 1/3 of the way into my shift on Saturday...I had the worst headache ever! I went to bed and slept until 2pm! Warren didn't go into work on Sunday, I was such a mess that morning.

Once I woke up, I was feeling a million times better and we went to a local hot springs about 2 hours away. Laszlo was a little gem the whole day. We hiked about 2 miles in, soaked for an hour and hiked out. We stopped for burgers on the way back at this random old-west themed place that lets you throw peanut shells on the floor. I had mine minus the bun, plus bacon and it was superb!

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I had a wonderful day too! We got up and DH made me eggs and bacon then I took the boys and went to my mom's. DH stayed home to mow the lawn etc and my mom, sister (who came home from NYC for the weekend) and I met a couple friends and her daughter at the playground. DS1 and her daughter played and played. Then I came home and the boys napped. When they got up we got ice cream and went for a walk. We came home grilled some hot dogs, made pasta salad and enjoyed. BOTH boys were asleep by 8:30 I enjoyed a glass of wine and a relaxing evening. Beautiful weather and simple family fun, it was fantastic Smile

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!