Happy New Years!

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Happy New Years!

Happy new years, board buddies! Does anyone have any exciting plans? I wish you all a safe and fun night.

We're going to Warren's brother's house for the evening. It should be fun and relaxed enough to breastfeed the night away.

Just as an aside, if you all are members of AAA, check to see if you qualify for a tipsy tow! I know a lot of you Mams won't be drinking, but I wanted to mention it anyway. Policies vary between states, but AAA Oregon is offering a free tow home for members if needed.

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We are at Matt's parent's house for the night. Life is so exciting when you're a parent! Wink No alcohol for me anymore. I use to be a big drinker but it doesn't appeal to me anymore. I can't bounce back from a hang over like I use to, ha!

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We're home for the night but I have some pre-pumped milk in the fridge and want to have a glass or two of wine Smile We have a few great bottles to pick from (we won't have more than 1!!). So if Rory doesn't give me any issues going down tonight I think I'll have a glass or two pump and dump before bed (I know I don't have to but if I don't I'll be way too engorged) and feed him a bottle before we head to bed after the ball drops (we do usually stay up to watch it even from home hehe).

Of course if Rory refuses to go down then I'll be nursing him all evening and wine will have to wait for another night Smile

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Happy New Year November Mammas! Katie aren't you clever - hope it works out for your evening to enjoy a bit of vino :).
Today we went bowling with friends, my DD and her best BOY friend, omg they are SO cute together and he's such a sweet boy - he was being so nice to his future mother in law - me Smile - he was bringing me lucky bowling balls. Then we all had a lunch together.

Tonight we've come home at 10 from the next-door neighbours, but it was a nice time visiting with them and all the kids playing together. Liam was a hit - his first party! So cute. Of course as soon as we got in he threw up all over poor DH that is an unfortunate pattern that he's developed, lol. Now we have both kids snoozing and are going to watch the ball drop on tele, less than an hour to go Biggrin

Was a nice day, rest between, and a fun night. Hurray for 2012!

:party:2012:thewave: 2012:party:

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Rae, you are hilarious. Laszlo also starred at the party last night - not to mention he also has a penchant for throwing up on his Dad. I don't mind so much.

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DH and I were in bed last night, we watched all of the Vegas strip activities and fireworks on tv lol... couldn't pay me to be downtown on new years!!

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Happy New Years ladies! We had a quiet night at home, listened to the neighbours count down while I BF'd Aubrey. I'm looking forward to what this year will bring us Smile