The happy thing thread

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The happy thing thread

Okay, so we've got a whining thread....why don't we post what GOOD or HAPPY things have happened, or something we're thankful for? We can't all be a bunch of pregnant whiners, right? Wink

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I am happy that I got to see both of my sisters, and my sister in law and her and my sister's daughter this weekend. And my nephew too.

I am happy that my new stroller came. Smile I just don't want to have to wait to use it till March!! (when snow typically starts to go away here).

I am happy that I get to see one of my sisters yet again today as she is headed through my city on her way to a meeting (we usually only see each other four or five times a year!)

I am happy and proud that my DH did great on his annual review. His boss only gave out three 8's out of 10's (they are rated 1-10 on like 15 categories of performance), and Jack got two of those 8's. He got a 7 overall, which is doing really well. Smile

I am happy that my little boy always has time to give mommy hugs and kisses.

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I think there is a really good possibility that I can get weekly acupuncture treatments for the rest of the pregnancy covered by insurance. Biggrin

My little guy may have his whole 5 or 5.5 lbs sitting on my cervix, but he is in an optimal position.

My work flow is good - which is important when you freelance Wink

I have a countdown ticker in the right hand corner of my computer desk top that currently says 39 days, 11 hours, 4 mins and some seconds until my due date!

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I'm hosting a girls night tomorrow evening with a bunch of my friends. I'm up for an evening of good food and a good movie!

Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere tonight!

My DD just loves preschool! I am so glad that she enjoys it and I don't have to worry about her.

I have half a chocolate chip pumpkin cake sitting downstairs Biggrin

At my OB appt yesterday she said baby looked perfect on my U/S and I don't need to check my sugar levels!!!!! Yahoo Also, my fundal height is measuring right on again, since he flipped head down! Being breech 2 weeks ago was causing my belly to measure big.

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I am thankful my family is healthily...DH had brain cancer and has been cancer free for 8 yrs now.

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We are visiting family over the weekend, love being able to spend so much time with my parents.

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"annestacy" wrote:

We can't all be a bunch of pregnant whiners, right? Wink

Oh yes we can be (stomping my foot like a two year old and making a whiney sound, lmao!)! OK, OK, I'll try to find a happy something...

I guess I'm happy I still have a job in this sh*t economy, and food to put on the table!

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I'm happy that although dd fell down the stairs at daycare she escaped with only a goose egg and nothing is broken. My baby does NOT have congenital heart defect nor club feet both something I've been concerned about. I got an order for 1200 hair bows, enough to pay half of my cruise. My basement is almost done and it exceeds expectations!

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I love my life Smile I mean I can whine with the best of them about the little things but I am totally one lucky lady! I have a great DH, a healthy little boy who constantly amazes me, 8 fantastically funny dogs, 2 snuggly cats, a good family (ok they are a little insane but I've adjusted to it haha), I saw baby boy #2 last weekend and he looked great. We have enough money to put food on the table, pay the bills and enjoy some fun things with out worrying about every penny. I have worries over getting everything done.....naming this kiddo.....all the normal complaints but overall I'm very grateful for all I have!

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I am happy about:

*my baby shower with a few close girlfriends this Saturday at OLIVE GARDEN! YUM!

*Carter's room is almost done

*I just found out that I had paid off one of my student loans (that is an extra $90 back in my pocket each month)

*found out today that my LO is head down

*found out today that I'm not dilated despite my 12 hour shifts (whew! no early labor!)


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Oh yay, the whining was great, but I can do this one, too! Smile

+ I'm happy to have what seems to be another good day to hang out with my very sick dog.

+ I'm happy the Internet decided to work today when I thought it might not.

+ I'm happy my boyfriend gets everything done around here for us and should be able to relax some this weekend.

+ I'm happy my baby shower is coming up and hoping I'll still be able to go!

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I am so grateful for my family! I have 4.8 wonderful boys ( the .8 ), a husband that treats me like a queen, and in laws that I absolutely adore!

I am happy to be in my 8th month today! 32 weeks! Wow how time flies!

I am thrilled to have a healthy pregnancy with a thriving baby and no major complications!

I am happy to be able to work in a profession I love! In this economy, I am truly fortunate.

I've only gained 15 pounds during this pregnancy so far!! :woohoo: