Have you started shopping?

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Have you started shopping?

Today I bought a swing! I found it at a yard sale by my house by mistake.I was driving by and seen it and stoped.It was brand new.The lady took it out of the box but still had the reciept and box for it and it is perfect.She paid $129 for it and sold it to me for $25!!! I asked her why she didnt take it back it is less than 2 months old she said she just didnt need the money and it made her feel good to be able to sell someone something really nice for such a cheap price.I was one happy momma thats for sure!
I havent bought anything else yet as I wanted to wait for the ultrasound next month to know a gender but I would have been a fool to pass this up. It is a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle Swing so it will be ok for each gender.She had the jumperoo to match is for $12! But some lady had just came and asked her to hold it for 1 hour and she would give her $30 so I am gonna go by in the morning and hope she still has it lol.

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Woo, good deal!

I haven't bought anything because we don't really need anything. We've still got all our gear from DD and DS. We will likely get a new single stroller. We bought a double when DS was born, but our single is from 2007 and is really worn down. So I'd like to replace that.

Hope you can get the jumper too!

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If it's a girl we'll need some clothing but otherwise we've got most the gear from Evan and if it's a boy the time of year is pretty much exactly the same so we'll really be set.

we'll need furniture for the nursery and I really want a nice double stroller.....but we'll wait on all of that.

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Woah what a steal!

Like Katie if LO is a boy we are pretty much set for clothing, if it's a girl we have little/no clothing.

We need a double stroller too, have decided already but we will probably put on layby around June/July. It's a Phil n Ted with the additional toddler seat.

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Nah, waiting to find out the gender. We need a bassinette and I think our bouncy seat was given away too. I just buy used, it's the best thing for how long they use that stuff.

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We're really not buying too much primarily because we live in a 600 square foot apartment Smile

In fact, the only things I'm really planning on buying new are a car seat and breast pump. My sister had a boy a few years ago and is passing on her baby bjorn, high chair and loads of other stuff. My Mother has promised us my cradle and crib, so I think after all that we'll just be getting some clothes.

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DH and his grandma bought some gender neutral onesies that have cute sayings on them, a sleeper, some scratch mittens with booties, and lotion and baby soap. We have boughten a few little bottles, spoons, baby soap and lotion, and a formula holder for diaper bag. My sister gave us her gender neutral papasan swing, and a bouncy seat. Either way we have clothes no matter what the sex is, both of our sisters his side and mine have had one of each gender in the last 2 yrs.

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Nope have not bought anything here. I do have some hand me downs that were given to me lately...and more coming. We will wait until alot closer to see what we need. Great price on that sale.