Heart palpitations

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Heart palpitations

So lately I've been having pretty regular heart palpitations. Sometimes it is a small flutter and other times it literally takes my breath away. It is scaring me a little bit. I know this can be normal in pregnancy because of increased blood volume but the consistency is freaking me out a little bit. I have an appointment on Tuesday and will mention it then. Have any of you experienced this?

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Are you drinking any caffeine? I used to get those all the time before I gave up caffeine.

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I have gotten it in each of my pregnancies, some worse than other. Off thing is I have never connected it to pregnancy because it used to happen to me as a kid all the time. It used to really freak me out as a kid, but now not as much because I know what it is. All that being said, I have never mentioned it to my dr's, maybe I should? I don't think it would hurt to mention it.

Oh as a kid I was diagnosed with arythmia and told to drink more electrolytes, like gatoraide.

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I just wanted to express empathy that you've been experiencing this! :bigarmhug: Please keep us posted.

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hm, i haven't heard of this but that doesn't mean it's totally normal. so many weird things happen in pregnancy. give your doc a call...that's what they are there for Smile

hope it goes away! or at least you figure out why they are happening! Smile

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Both my sister and my mom had heart murmurs during their pregnancy and i have recently noticed that my heart will start to race and when i mentioned it to my doc he told me not to worry to much if it keeps happening on a more consistent basis than to come back in. I hope things calm down for you .. keep us posted...

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*lurker from December*

This has totally been happening to me the last few weeks. At first it really freaked me out, but everything I've read about it says that it's quite common during pregnancy and usually harmless. I will probably tell my doctor about it too at my next appt.

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I used to get those all the time before PG, learned that 5 cups of coffee a day is my limit :oops:. Do you have anxiety too? Dumb question of course, the palps can't help but make you anxious all on their own. I've had these a couple of times this PG but quite mild. Try to take it easy.

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Yes, I get it even when I'm not pregnant. I would mention it to your doc, but you should be OK!

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I have Mitro valve ( why am I having a brain far ton how the hell to spell this????) prolapse and that is the cause of mine.

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Thanks all for the comforting words. It is a very odd sensation to have your heart acting goofy. Yes, I do have problems with anxiety but I am well controlled with meds. However, I will be coming off my medicine in 3rd tri so Carter doesn't withdraw from it. Coming off an SSRI without proper tapering is HELL for an adult and I can only imagine what it would be like for a newborn. I'm going to try to stay off the meds while I nurse him too (goal is one year!).

I don't feel like this is anxiety related, but I could be wrong. It usually happens when I'm laying down to go to bed, although it has happened during the day a few times. It is just too regular for my comfort.

Being an RN makes me super paranoid about myself because I know all the bad things that can happen, especially when it is cardiac related.

I'm going to tell my OB..she may want to hook me up to an EKG and get a reading, which is fine. I just hope it is nothing major!

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I too would mention to doc - glad you are going to get it checked out. Hopefully it is nothing but it is better to be safe then sorry. I forgot you were a RN. Keep us posted on how it goes. Take care!!!!

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I had palpitations with my last 2 pregnancies. During my last pregnancy, my ob actually did a thyroid test because she thought that I might have developed hypothyroidism duing my pregnancy, as sometimes that can happen. My thyroid turned out to be fine, and she said the palpatations without chest pain was just something I had to put up with. She suggested I hold my breath or bear down when they start as it will stop them...


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I would maybe call the doc before your appt if you are really worried. Would give youi peace of mind maybe?