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heart rate

hey guys, what has your LO's heart rates been and doe that relate to the gende, if you know?;)
My daughters was higher and this time the heart rate was, at 10 weeks ,165, then 155, last week140-45.
Makes me think it is a boy.
For fun, did your heart rates fit the gender myth?:)

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For me h/b does not tell me gender. My last PG was boy/girl twins and both of their h/b were very high and almost exactly the same each time we had a u/s or listened. I was convinced it was two girls.

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For this little boy it has been in the 150s. Last time Stephen's was higher I think.

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Melodie was always in the 160s and this time the baby is around that too. I dont know the gender yet though so I dont know if there is any correlation or not.

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Ds was around the low 140's, this pg lo is high 140's, low 150's. We are finding out the gender in two weeks so i will be able to tell you then!

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Our little guy has been sort of all over the map...around 155 at 12 weeks, and 142 at 18 weeks.

My midwife says she's never seen a correlation...but my Mother says my brothers were lower than us girls.

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160's for my baby. And it is a boy.

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Nope, it's just an old wives tale! The HR was 155 at my last appt which supossedly means girl but nope... it's a boy for us!