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Hee hee hee...

DH just wrote his big test (UFE) to become certified as a CA (Chartered Accountant) in September. The marks come out on Friday, December 2nd, and they have a big party to celebrate those who passed. I just got this email forwarded from DH. It got sent to everyone in his office:

Hey Everyone,

As a way to help the UFE writers cover the cost of the party on December 2, we have decided to start a 50/50.

Chris’s wife was due last Tuesday, so with every ticking moment we are getting closer and closer to Chris being a dad for the third time.

I am now open for BIDS($5/Bid), please send in your best guess of the date including time.

Price is right rules apply (ie. the bid that is under and closest wins).

And those with the same bets who win will share the winnings.

Let the Bids begin!!!!

Collection will be around before the end of the week.

The 2012 UFE writers


I guess most of the bids so far have been for this Wednesday. However, DH put his bid in for Saturday. Guess he's assuming I'll make it to my induction on Friday and it'll be a long haul!

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That's so cute! KUP on who wins!

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How funny!! I love it....except the you holding out to induction part Wink

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That's too cute! And Dec 2 is my anniversary!!

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How cute!