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Hello everyone! *WAVE*

I just logged on for the first time in quite a while. There just doesnt seem to be enough time in the day!

Overall, Maya is doing well. Shes at 12 pounds and seems to be growing steadily. Breastfeeding is going quite well, except Ive had two milk blisters that Ive had to had drained (not fun!!!). Ive tried on many occasions to give her a bottle but she flat out refuses. Any ideas? Ive tried 7 different kinds of bottles, breast milk, three kinds of formula... just not working and Mommy wants to go out by herself once in a while!!

I took the girls by myself cross country for Christmas. The trip took 11 hours there (layovers), and 7 back. Maya slept almost the whole time and only cried for 10 minutes when we landed in Vancouver. Melodie was a little more difficult, but all in all, an easy trip. They got absolutely spoiled rotten. I had to buy two new suitcases to bring everything home and still had to ship a box. It was complete overkill, although I do feel blessed to have so many generous people in my life. Hopefully next year will be less elaborate because its been hard to get Melodie to stop asking for stuff now, after having three weeks of gifts every day.

Ive had a bit of PPD that seems to come and go. Im going to the dr next week and I will be asking to go back on my meds, something that I am extremely leary to do. I was on them for the last two weeks of my pregnancy and then went off them when my perscription ran out and I kept forgetting to renew it. I did well until last week but I can feel all the anxiety coming back. My good friend here was on Effexor her pregnancy and her baby was the one in then thousand who had manjor birth defects. I see them struggling (he came very close to dying, having seven cardiac arrests the first night), and the long term outlook is unknown as his heart, liver and lungs were all effected. I am scared that I am breastfeeding Maya and I dont want her to have any trace of it in her system. My mental health effects my entire family and must be taken care of first, but if Maya refuses the bottle, I dont know what to do. My plan was to give her formula for the feeding after I had my pill when the concentration is the highest but that looks impossible. I feel trapped.

That said, I am looking forward to my first night out with my husband in almost a year (sad isnt it?) Maya is an amazing sleeper doing usually 8pm to at least 3 usualy 5am. So, Ive asked the 16 year old girl across the street to come and sit at 9pm next Saturday night so that we can go to La nuit des longs couteaux (or something like that lol!). Quebec City has an incredible Carnaval every year and one night they set up probably 100 huge blocks of ice and or snow on the Plains of Abraham and the sculptures work through the night carving them for the competitions. So we

On February 23, we head back to LA for three days at Disneyland then a week long cruise. I am going with the girls and meeting my parents on the boat. My good friend is coming down for the three days in Disney to help me out and I can not wait!! Maya is allowed on every ride without height restriction which is most of them. Ill bring my Mei Tei and off well go! The snow and minus 30 weather is getting me down so having something to look forward to is so important.

If youve read all this, thank you for reading! Please give me any and all advice you have for me. I want to have some options for when I talk to the doctor next week.

Ive missed you girls and will try hard to be around again!

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WOW it sounds like you have been busy! I'm glad you checked in with us though.

As far as the meds go, I am taking Zoloft. My MD said it was very safe for bfing mamas because very little to none is excreted in breast milk. So you might mention that to your MD.

Have fun on your date with hubby Wink

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Hi! :wavehello: Good to hear from you. I also have a hard time finding time for the computer these days, though I also wonder what the heck I have accomplished all day long ;). Might Maya try moving straight to a sippy cup? Something like playtex first sipsters? I suppose she is too little but it might be worth a try? What about a syringe? I assume you are having your DH try the bottle when you are out of the room -and still no luck? My DD never took a bottle either, but just when I had that trapped feeling she started to go longer between feeds. It is amazing what difference a half hour makes to a nursing mama. I hope it works out for you, the trapped feeling is no fun at all. I understand your reluctance on the medication, but you're absolutely right that mama's health is the most important. I kept forgetting to pick up my mini-pill prescription then finally picked up 2 boxes... I am not a big fan of hormonal birthcontrol (or any other BC method either, lol) but after reading the hormones go into breastmilk and pass to the baby & am not taking them - I never did take them after DD either. Anyway who has any energy for sex? Poor DH :oops:. Your date night sounds lovely, I have visited that park and can picture it. Hope the doctor has good things to talk about at your appointment. We also scheduled a trip for end of February, I am really excited about it!

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Good to hear from you! On the bottle....have you tried when you're not home? My first wasn't willing to take a bottle if I was around - he preferred me to a bottle but if I was gone and he was hungry he ate.

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Welcome back! Have you tried Tommee Tippee bottles? I'm BF but Trystan has to have bottles when I'm at work (of BM, of course) and I use these bottles. They're fabulous, and he has no nipple confusion at all. Good luck, I hope you find something that works! And, I'm totally jealous of your upcoming trip to Disneyland... I love it there!

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Carrie, welcome back! I've thought of you and your sweet girls often!

You get some serious props for taking your littles cross country alone. WOW!

I can't pretend to have any knowledge/advice about either the bottles or the ppd, but ((((hugs))))