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hello all

Hello i'm Christina 23 weeks prego married 1 year and mother to a wonderful stepson 13 year boy. I am having a baby boy nov 13, Parker Joseph... I am still waiting to feel my first movement beacuse my placenta is in the front. I had a cf scare in the begining but my hubby tested negative so its all good now. I am really loving this site and like the ppl on it. So far this pregnancy has be healthy, only complaints are morning sickness which I still have and migraines( had them before being prego) but my baby doc is amazing and answers all my questions even calls me herself to check up on me. I have 3 kittys and 16 chickens and 4 baby chicks on the way :jumpingbeans: nice to be apart of the nov, class. tell me about yourself? how are you doing and what is your fav part of being prego?

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Welcome & congratulations on your boy! That is cool you have chickens. We were thinking of getting some at one point but then I decided I was too lazy to take care of them. Smile That must be awesome to have your own eggs.
Can't say I like being pregnant very much but it's fun to feel the baby kick.

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Agreed Smile I hope lol still cant wait to feel him kick

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Welcome Christina!

I know of at least two others here (myself included) with anterior placentas. You are in good company, at least! Biggrin

Also, nice to have another Oregonian on the board. Go ducks!

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Hi! I have an anterior placenta too. Kicks feel like a twitch in your tummy. I felt them for two weeks with my first before I realized that's what it was!

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Hi there! and welcome! and congrats!! Chickens-you're a brave woman. I can't even stand the thought of eating any part of a chicken right now, and if I had my own, I probably wouldn't eat them at all ever! Eggs included! Smile

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I, too, am a member of the anterior club! I feel movement but it isn't the same as what other ladies have been describing.

Welcome to November! This is a great site and all the ladies are so different and wonderful!

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Hello and welcome!
Congratulations on your baby boy!
My name is Asha and I am also expecting a boy. He will be my 10th. best part of pregnancy? I would have to say getting to hold the baby at the end of it. Sorry, not a big fan of being preggo despite my track record WinkBiggrin

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Hi and Welcome!!

I'm Melody, 29, and pregnant with my 5th (and last! child). It's a boy and I can't say I love being pregnant. I'm so busy with life right now, I hate slowing down (Which feeling tired or scatica tends to do) trying to get it all done Smile I look forward to this little guy being born, getting my tubes tied, and settling into our routine Smile

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Welcome to Novemer! I'm Tamara, mother of 4 boys and pregnant with my fifth and final...also a boy. You're gonna love this group of ladies! Smile

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Wow this is a great group Smile congratz for all the boys!!! Good luck and I agree being prego isnt the best but I cant wait to hold him Smile Girls are also awsome... GO DUCKS!!!

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Welcome. Sorry I am so late replying to this..we were away last week camping in the middle of no where. Congrats and welcome to our group. My name is Melanie and I am PG with a little girl. I have a 6 year old little boy. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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Hi Christina and welcome to November! :giveflower:
My DD is 5 and we are expecting baby #2 November 1st, this will be our final it has taken about 4 years to get this lucky! My stepdaughter is 16 but lives with her Mother quite far away so we don't see her much, she still manages to give us both lots of grey hairs.

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Welcome to the board Christina! I love love love this site! I really don't have a fav thing about being prego, as this is my fourth and he was a surprise... and another boy (I have two boys already!)... but I'll come around soon lol!