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Just a typical Thursday evening at my house.

This is thick, pasty, Penaten diaper rash cream all over my navy blue carpeted stairs.

ANY IDEAS???????????

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Oh man, what a mess! I have no idea on what will help, Is it oily?

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It's extremely greasy. YUCK.

After a preliminary scrub with baby wipes and a full blown scrub with warm water and dish soap, I'd say it's about 85% out. :eek: Here's hoping I can get the rest of the blotches out! I've been cursing this navy carpet every since we moved to this house last year!

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I was going to say baby wipes take about everything out, including Sharpie....
Yeah, carpeting is not so convenient with little toddlers....

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I have had that happen before! Luckily we don't have carpet. It was just all over baby and walls and floor...
Good thing you got most of it out!

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I wonder if Magic Eraser would help get that final bit off?

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LOL I've so been there!! Sorry I shouldn't laugh Smile My children smeared diaper rash cream ( a fatty kind) all over our new suede sofas many years ago. Yes it came out but how..hmm..I googled it and can't remember. Smile Sorry! It can come out though! I'd call a carpet cleaning company stat..seriously Smile

OMG I can't believe I'm heading into that phase again. My older kids wouldn't do that but the baby is just 9 months old and our last little pumpkin still baking..oh my. Sigh. I'm NOT buying new furniture again till we are through this