HELP!!! Baby Names!! I think we finally figured them out!!

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HELP!!! Baby Names!! I think we finally figured them out!!


ITs a suprise so we have to have both girl and boy names:


Carver Craig Indy Green ( I know Im not supposted to tell u our last name but it matters!! I need your opinions!)


Everly Nora Indy Green (Everly Green?? Is it too much like Evergreen??)


Evalee Nora Indy Green??

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I love Evalee that is so pretty!

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Wanted to say I love both the names you picked. I love Carver and Everly - But I especially love the name Deacon - its my DS' name too. Smile

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I like! Biggrin

I like Everly better than Evalee. I think it sounds fine with your last name.

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I think Carver sounds very tough and masculine Biggrin

I also prefer Everly - I don't think it is too much with your last name!

And congrats on having the strength to wait 40 weeks to find out the sex!

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I agree that Everly is a very beautiful name, I have a friend named Everlin.

Carver is a nice name too for a boy, I haven't heard it before.

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Carver is my MIL's maiden name. Smile Craig is my moms.

My hubby agreed that Everly Green sounds fine. Smile (well, I think I sounds very nice!)

So Carver and Everly it is!!! Phew, SO glad to finish that!

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I love love love the girl name (Everly), it's so unique! I'm not a huge fan of the boy name... but that's just IMO!! And I love your last name too lol, as my middle name is Blue so I'm a big fan of the "color" names!!