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Hi everyone

Just thiugt i would say hi. We are still on vacation, but it is slowly coming to ean end Sad
q us growing like a weed but chubbier lol. He seems to pick up new stuff everyday. I hope his dad recognizes him when we get back home Blum 3
We have had a lot of fun and saw a lot of sights. Once i am homei will try to do.a write up..
I am not sure how big he is but i assume about 25lbs and 25" does that sound right? I am horrible at guessingthat stuff and since he hasnt seen a doctor and i.didnt bring measuring tape, i have no idea. But he is chubby. Yesterday a friend said, "i am sorry your mom puts rubber bands in your arms at night." in response to his deep rolls on his armss ha.
He is slowly becoming a happier baby. He still has plenty of bad days, but it isnt as bad as it was. He laughs anfsqueals a lot. He tries to talk and waves to people.
How is everyone else? This is my favorite part of bbs hearing about the other babies, not to compare but i find it fascinating to hear abour development. It is truly amazing. Everyone has their own speed.with no rhyme or reason. And to think about 17 months ago they were all exactly the same, we could have put them all together and noone would have known who belonged to whom. Now they all have distinct looks and personalities. Sorry rambling! Anyway it is really awesome.

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Q sounds like he is thriving! Would love to see an updated photo Smile You must be almost home now.

Aubrey is into everything now since she has learnt to crawl and pull up. She loves her big brother so much. She's a very content and happy girl.

Would love it if you visited the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/235690349870128/

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I would love to be invited to the Facebook page, Aimee Cardona | Facebook that's my page whoever does the invites. Gianni is getting soooo big! He is wearing 18 month clothes but he has tiny feet, we say he looks like pooh bear. Lol he eats very well and his reflux seems like it is getting better. He loves to play with his brothers and he loves Mickey mouse club house! He lights up when he hears mickeys voice, it's the cutest thing ever! He has 6 teeth and is getting two more so we have been having a rough week, but he is a happy baby and I am so glad my last was so easy going!

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Nik I sent you a pm.