home from vacation/NT scan today :)

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home from vacation/NT scan today :)

we are home from vacation! it was a great trip but i'm EXHAUSTED!! we got in yesterday around noon and then were right out the door and off to a communion party an hour later. it was good though b/c we probably would have just gone to sleep if we hadn't had something to do.

it was a really nice time and i'm glad we went. sure, we're completely broke now but hey, you only live once, right?

here are some photos: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150179919442882.303933.670932881

friend me Smile oh and the young girl in the pic is my cousin tracey Smile

also, i had my NT scan today. it went really well. everything looks good and the baby looks like a real baby now which is nice! i sweet talked the tech into giving me a little sneak peak between the legs and i definitely saw a dinkle Wink now, she did say that at 13 weeks the girl parts often are still sticking out. i have my big scan in two weeks. i thought that was kind of early for the big scan but whatever, she said come back in 2-3 weeks. i seriously doubt that if it's a girl that "dinkle" i saw was going to move back in the body is 2 weeks. we'll see but right now i'm betting on boy #2 Smile

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Congratulations on such a nice vacation. I'm happy you got a break with your family.

And I'm so happy the US went well! Yay for "dinkles" lol.

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Glad your appointment & vacation went so well! Smile

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It looks like you had a fantastic time on holiday Biggrin It's nice to be able to get away from the reality of life for a bit.

I'm glad the scan went well, and congratulations on the "dinkle" . You never know it could disappear within the next 2-3 weeks.

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Glad the trip went well and the scan was good too. I can`t wait to look at the pics later. Did you get any pics from the ultrasound

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Glad you had a good vacation and a good NT scan. I can't wait til you find out for sure what you're having!

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Glad you enjoyed a great vacation Nancy. Sure sounds like you've been busy since, but YES the laundry can wait! How awesome to come home to a great scan appointment too, can't wait for your follow up in a couple weeks to check on that dinkle's progres, lol.

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looks like you guys had fun!

here is a link to show the early development http://baby2see.com/gender/external_genitals.html

notice, the 17 wk girl is still pretty big, but the angle is different

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How exciting Nancy- a little brother for Thomas!!!

I'm glad you had fun in Maui....your pictures are amazing.

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thanks everyone!

ok i looked at that website and now i'm not so sure about the dinkle! lol! it is amazing how the girl parts stick out so much at the beginning too! gosh i'm glad they don't stick out forever hehe!

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Congrats on a great appt! And I love your word "dinkle" lol... I just hope I DON'T see one!