Hospital Bag

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Hospital Bag

I know we've discussed it in the past, but Biggrin I just got my new Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags from my MIL and now I'm excited to pack my hospital bags!

What's in yours? Are they packed yet?

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I don't have cute, little delicate hospital bags! I think they collectively weigh 35 pounds.

6 bottles recharge (all-natural gatorade)
Breastfeeding Tea
Yoga pants
Tank top
Lots of underwear
Outfit for baby
Extra gown/swaddler for baby
4 oz. sealed olive oil

Before we go, we'll throw in:

iPod dock
Baby book (for footprints!)
Massage oil
W's swimsuit (for the birth tub)

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I'm really close to the hospital so if I miss anything DH can bring it to me which is nice.

I'll have 2-3 pairs of comfy pants -- with Evan I managed to bleed right through on the first pair of comfy pants I put on so I'll be sure to have extra I hate hospital gowns!

2-3 comfy shirts that are big...b/c I'll be flabby and gross LOL 2-3 nursing tanks I'm very excited to have these this time, I wasn't prepared with those last time and I love them (some people hate them but not me! lol)

I'll just use the pads at the hospital they are big and bulky but they worked and their weird netting granny panties were nice too (nice in a worked well and I could throw them away if I bled on them sort of way)

For the baby I'll bring a couple onesies.

shampoo, soap, tooth brush, tooth paste.

Laptop, camera, ipod, kindle (the hospital is BORING in my opinion)

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all i learned from the last time i was at the hospital was to pack the bag and then take half of the crap out! i waaaay overpacked.

i too hate the hospital gowns but decided to wear them the whole time because i had so much bleeding and was so uncomfortable after delivery that i didn't want to put any pants on. i would have bled right through them anyway.

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First off, so jealous of your bag... I want one lol! Second, I finally pulled my Burberry baby bag out of my closet and cleaned it all up with baby wipes (it's been used for years as a piece of luggage, since it was my second baby's baby bag and I used a girly bag when I had my princess!). I bought a new changing pad for it, as I seem to have lost the one that came with it. Just yesterday I put his coming home outfit in it. Here's a couple pics of his outfit...

Snapbucket" alt="" />

Snapbucket" alt="" />

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SO cute! I love that coming home outfit! I need to find one!

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"kmm123" wrote:

SO cute! I love that coming home outfit! I need to find one!

Thank you! I got it at Nordstroms... and it was only $20!! I love anything with stars on it!

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I have 2 separate bags packed, 1 for me and 1 for baby. The birth center provides nappies and wipes for the baby, and provide pads for me.

My Bag
2 Bf Bras
Granny panties
Breast Pads
2 pair summer pj's
2 pair light cargo pants
3 singlets
2 flowy tops
My birthing plan
Toiletry bag

Baby bag

2 going home outfits, nb and 0-3
3 gowns
6 bodysuits - 3xnb 3x0-3
2 swaddling wraps
Sample pack wipes and nappies

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Embarrased to say I haven't packed any bags yet! Since my hospital birth plan is back on (instead of a homebirth) I think I better start!

I will have an update soon..LOL!