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OMG I am so hot. I am dying in the office and I have no idea how I am going to make it for another hour and 20 mins. It is 40 degress here with rain and 35mph wind gusts and I keep going outside and just standing there!!! OMG I am going to burst into flames

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I can relate! I've been so hot too. The thermostat was on 63 this morning. I felt good but poor Matt was freezing! Do you have a window in your office that you can crack open? Or a mini fan that you can plug in?

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icewater! It is not that long till you can go home, hope it gets better Smile

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Is it just a hot flash or is your office normally like this?!?! Hope you feel better soon... just stay outside lol!

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I think I am having hot flashes. No one else in the office is hot! They are wearing sweaters and I have on sandals LOL

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I definitely have hot flashes for no reason, or from minor exertion, I have been chewing ice cubes and that helps mentally, but I am not iron deficient, I think I just love ice, especially crushed ice!