How long til it stops??? (vent to the max!)

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How long til it stops??? (vent to the max!)

I am SICK. Nausea 24 / 7 and throwing up all the time. I ended up at the hospital last week because it was so bad. THe stupid doctor gave me a perscription for Diclectin, but only one pill every 24 hours. Whats wrong with him????? The standard dose is 2 at night, one in the morning and one in the evening. When I told my sil that I wasnt getting any better (shes a pharmacist) she told me that one a day would do absolutely nothing, and especially at night cause it was the day that I was sick!! So Ive upped my dose and Im feeling a bit better but still sick sick sick!!!

Ive had to delay my website opening cause I cant make anything to put up to sell. Im also taking my two year old in three weeks to the west coast and cant even fathom the plane ride alone, yet alone with her (9 hours with transfers and driving etc).

When will this be over!!!???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I know the answer is in 3 to 4 weeks if Im lucky, but I feel like whining!!!!!)

Thank you for listening. I think Im going to go and die now.

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Oh big huge hugs!!! It sounds like you are having a nightmarish first trimester as far as symptoms go! I am so sorrry! It seems so unfair to go through all this nasty discomfort when you still have to do all your daily stuff...
I hope that the medicine starts working better and you feel 100% during the trip.

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sorry to hear that your feeling super sick... I will take some of your nausea from you if I could... I have none and it kind of scares me.

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((HUGS)) I remember that from my last pregnancy.Talk to your dr.Explain that you are not able to function from the nausea and vomiting being so bad.It makes no sense to me for a woman to have to sit and suffer with horrible nausea and vomiting when there are meds out there that can you be able to function at least.Your not asking for 100% relief just to be able to function that isnt too much to ask.

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I am in the same boat. I tried everything and could not function I was so sick. The Diclectin helped but made me so tired...I was on 5 a day. I agree - not sure that one would work. I went off the Diclectin since I literally slept all night and around 6 hours during the day. Can't live like that. It may not be as bad all through the first trimester...that is what I am hoping. I can't do much to help other then say I understand. Take care!!

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I had "a little hyperemesis" with my DD, and it was awful. I threw up multiple times every day until 3 months, and then about once a day until 4 months. I felt nauseous on and off throughout the entire pregnancy, but it improved continually. I'm sorry you're going through this. I didn't really want to take meds for it, because I was a little nervous about safety, but I did have 2 doses of IV zofran in the hosptial when I was dehydrated. Honestly, if I were you, I would seriously consider canceling the trip or asking for zofran. I hope you feel better soon!

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"angelover02740" wrote:

sorry to hear that your feeling super sick... I will take some of your nausea from you if I could... I have none and it kind of scares me.

And me...send some over to Karen and me.

hope you feel better hun.