How low is too low?

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How low is too low?

I tend to be a hypocondriate, so before I go to the hospital, how low is too low? My blood pressure is about 100 over 56.. Ive read that 56 is considered low and 100 is normal low if you are a child or an athlete. My normal even pregnant is 120 over 80. I had up to 147 over 100 a couple of weeks ago but the last two weeks have been 120 over 80ish.

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I have read that our bp drops and then steadily rises towards the end of pregnancy. I had a couple of lower readings recently but it has come back up again.
I *think* a low reading can mean dehydration - please do not quote me though. If you are concerned I would pop into the hospital.

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I have to admit that I never pay attention to those numbers (truth be told I don't even know what they mean, or what's bad and good!). When they tell me the number, they always say "that's perfect" so I don't think twice about it... sorry I'm of no help! Anyway, I hope your PB is just fine!

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Uh yeah that is low. Go get checked out before you pass out!

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My oldest daughter's pregnancy, I had pregnancy induced hypertension. They put me on meds for it and it dropped my bloodpressure CRAZY low. I don't remember how low but they were really concerned, they didn't want me to sleep! LOL. Needless to say we nixed the pills and I was on strict bedrest (the only thing that consistently worked, was laying on my left side) until my scheduled csection. But yeah it did concern them.

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It's slowly creeping back up. Dh decided to go to Montreal (3 hours away) at the last minute for a concert so I'm on my own. I'm taking it every 45 minutes or so and if it dips again I guess I'll call a cab and get it checked out.

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I am always on the low end of normal even when prego, I was usually 100-115/60ish at all my prenatal visit. even low when I was stressed at all my nst' for me its.normal, maybe if you are feeling funny give l.&d a call and see what thy think

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I am normally low(100/60). In my first pregnancy I dropped really low for weeks 20-34 and my blood pressure averaged 80/50 and I never went over 100/60. I had lots of issues related to it (fainting, dizzy, problems with staying in or changing positions) but the doctor was never worried about it for the baby, only for my safety (falling and hurting myself/baby).

In my experience, it is worth mentioning in case it is a symptom of something else but realistically, they don't do anything and aren't overly concerned for low blood pressure like they are for hgh blood pressure.

Since you don't seem to be low normally I would check to see what they think but I wouldn't worry too much.

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Do you want me to share some high BP with you Smile How did it work out for you? Did it go back up? I too would mention it to doc and watch for symptons.