How are you feeling about things?

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How are you feeling about things?

So how is everyone doing about things??

For the PG I am pretty calm and doing good. Even dealing with my appts and everything alot better. Once I got in the routine it is not so bad. But now that I know this little girl will be here in 12 1/2 weeks I am all of a sudden going OMG this is so quick. Weird. I physically doing great, baby is doing great, I am loving the summer of camping every weekend but just knowing she will be here at 38 weeks just seems so unreal. I am not to panicked about getting everything ready, I don't believe you need to have everything on day 1 so that is good. But I just feel like i don't know anything anymore. You would think the mom that had a 26 weeks preemie would not be thinking this way. But with DS things have been so different from the start. After 4 months in the hospital I came home with feeding/sleep schedule. We were regularly followed by all kinds of docs etc. I was told what to do and how to do it. God willing, this baby will be here full term with no problems and I don't know what to do. Everyone seems to know so much about strollers, diapers, car seats, all equipments, types of bottles etc. I have done no research or reading..I guess maybe I should start. I know it will all be fine. I made it last time and did a pretty good job so I will do it again. It just seems so unreal. I really think there was a part of me that really thought I would not be bringing home a baby again. OK enough rambling from me. How are the rest of you doing?

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My life is a huge mess right now to be honest.Not really a good time to be pregnant. Or maybe just me being pregnant is making things seem worse. Either way I am making it through each day but just completely overwhelemed with life at this point.MY DBF has been amazing with trying to help me out and trying to keep things as stress free as possiblle even though some of the stress has been a result of his ex wife and ex girlfriend. He has started staying here on the days he doesnt have his kids which gives me a second adult in the house to help wrangle the kids so I can cook and clean and all that.He also trys to help with cleaning and just gives me the best moral support I have ever had in my life. Fighting with the ex aalmost everyday,trying to get child support, getting the kids ready to go back to school all on top of being almost 7 months pregnant and starting to get to that to big to ignore being pregnant but too small to have an excuse to be this uncomfortable part of pregnancy. UGH Sorry I rambled but thats what is going on with me.

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I am not doing well at all mentally. We are having monthly u/s for the dilated renal pelvis that was seen on the 20 week scan. We went Monday and there is still dilation. One side about the same and the other slightly more dilated. His bladder looks fine, but we are going back in 4 weeks for another u/s. Doc said this is common in males and it usually resolves itself by birth. Worst case scenario, he might need to have them drained after birth, not a big procedure. So, I was ok with that. But stupid me who likes to know EVERYTHING googled it. dilated renal pelvis is a "soft marker" for downs syndrome. So, I have been a mess since I have seen that. My NT scan and AFP tests were normal/negative. Doc did not mention anything about downs syndrome. I am trying to be optimistic, but since my m/c last Oct, I have had mental issues this entire pregnancy, now it is worse. I just want Nov to get here, this will be our last baby, and I wanted to enjoy this pregnancy, but it just isn't happening. DS who will be 3 next week, is a handful sometimes. I am working this week and then get no break at home since DH is working to finish a backyard patio before DS party in 2 weeks (which there will be like 15-20 kids).

Melanie I am glad you are dealing well with your appts!! I know that was a concern for you Smile With DS I had a book called Baby Bargains that gave reviews of alot of baby items, it was very helpful! You might want to check it out, I think it is updated every year.

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melanie - don't worry about not knowing everything about strollers and diapers and all that. like you said, you don't need to have every single thing for when baby girl arrives. i think all the baby registries and magazines and all that just play with a new mom's emotions and make them feel like they need to have everything or else they are bad moms. just look at registries to begin with - they make you feel like you need to load up on lots of things for the baby. i wish i could go back to my pregnant-with-my-first self and tell myself that i don't need all that crap and i'll get through it! since i can't i'll tell you! you'll get through it! and you don't need all that STUFF! don't worry!

it sounds like we are all freaking out a little. i think it was better when i didn't know what was in my future when i was pg with #1. but now that i know it's both good and bad. good because hopefully i'll be more relaxed with the baby and not freak out at every noise he makes. bad because i know how hard the lack of sleep is. i am just praying that i don't have the same bf'ing issues that i did with DS. granted i wound up bf'ing for 20 months but the first 14 weeks were hell.

sounds like we all need to take a deep breath! and perhaps a sip of wine! lol! i remember going into my OB's office when pg with thomas and i was freaking out about something. he looked at me and said, "nancy, go home, take a bath, have a glass of wine, and chill the hell out!!" hahahaah. my ob! and he's no slouch either and wrote the book preventing miscarriage. too funny.

xoxox mommies!

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I'm glad you are feeling calm, Melanie!

I feel pretty good...I get excited thinking about the baby. I don't want to wish my pregnancy away but I'm ready to meet this little boy!

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I usually really enjoy pregnancy. I never get morning sickness, and I generally feel pretty good the whole time.

This time I am a lot more uncomfortable (rib pain, pubic bone pain) so I'm getting a little anxious to just be done with the pregnancy! Thinking about 3 1/2 more months of this uncomfort is not making me thrilled!

As far as the impending arrival, I am a bit nervous now! I am a SAHM of 2 kids right now and I barely keep up with the housework and laundry and parenting duties as it is! My house is generally not very clean. looks like a tornado went through it. How am I going to cope with a new baby thrown in the mix????

A friend of mine who has 3 kids (2 of her kids are the same ages as my 2) is getting me worried about coping - not through any fault of her own though! Just when I watch her at the park with her 3, she seems so overwhelmed! And I'm a bit nervous to be in her shoes. I'm starting to feel alarmingly young......I'll be 26 years old with 3 kids, aged 4 years and younger. WHAT AM I DOING??????

LOL. Just a momentary freakout that I have once in a while Smile I'm SOOOOO excited for a new little bundle to love, and I'm sure everything will fall in to place and I'll get used to having 3 kids. But sometimes it is scary to think about!

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Glad you're doing well Melanie!

Sorry for those struggling Sad

I'm pretty good! I remember thinking weeks 20-30 kind of dragged with DS. Things are moving more quickly this time b/c I'm so insanely busy but I still find it a kind of lull. No u/s appointments are still spread out just a kind of between phase. But I'm enjoying summer (I LOVE Summer.....LOVE IT!), having fun with DS, work is busy. I feel pretty good. Sleeping could be a bit better but I can usually find a fairly comfortable position.

The newborn phase isn't my favorite. Is that bad to admit? I mean I'm excited to have another tiny baby. But it makes me a little nervous. Evan was a VERY easy baby and I still recall a few weeks of dreading bed time knowing it was a process to get him down and it would only last a couple hours before he'd be awake to eat again. And he was definitely easy. So I'm a little nervous to go back to that. I love this toddler phase he walks, he talks, he feeds himself, he goes to bed at 8pm sleeps until 7/8am and then takes a nap 12-3. I can talk to him and he can respond and ask for things. So I'm a little nervous to add #2 and go back to newborn confusion. But I do get the warm fuzzies when I imagine that little baby sleeping against me.....nothing is better than that!

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I am tired and stressed this week cause DH is out of town & DS2 has been a holy terror. He bit his brother on the face today and left a big red mark. I kind of expected him to be more clingy with DH gone, but I didn't expect his behavior to take a nosedive. I guess that's what I have to look forward to when the baby gets here too, cause DS2 always wants to be the center of attention and it's going to be a big shock when he suddenly isn't any more!

I am not feeling too bad though, compared to other times DH has been travelling, cause DS1 has really been a big help with cleaning up and just having a really good attitude. I have also started going for slow walks with the boys in the evening, which has been really nice. I haven't been able to go for walks since June, and it's a really nice feeling to be able to get back to doing some of the things I normally do.

The baby is moving around a lot too, which is reassuring and helping out with the anxiety I have felt since the bleeding. I know what you mean, Melanie, about not feeling prepared though; I feel like I have a lot more to do to get ready before my LO is here!

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Things are OK for me. My biggest concern right now is praying that DH finds a job that pays what both of our current jobs do, so that I can be a SAHM when Trystan arrives. School starts next month, and I can't even imagine trying to get two boys ready for school every morning, getting DD and the baby ready, taking them to school, picking them up, helping with homework, giving DD and baby all of my time and attention, and trying to juggle working full time as well? It's just not in the cards. I don't know what we're going to do. I can't afford to stay at home with what DH makes right now, and as of now I can't even afford to take more than two or three weeks off of work when Trystan in born. God help me...

Melanie, are you having a scheduled c-section?