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Hi ladies!

I am hoping to be around more often these days! Emerson is now 6 weeks old. We just got back yesterday from our holiday travels. Here is a catch up on what we've been doing!

- Emerson was circumcised on the 23rd of December. It was more traumatic for me than him - he slept right through it! It was a major pain to have to use vaseline on all his diapers for 14 days - we JUST stopped using it today. Really just annoying because of all the traveling we had to do!
- We spent Christmas with my family. Emerson met his Uncle Sean (my brother) for the first time:)
- We drove 6 hours on the 29th to Winnipeg to spend time with more of my family (my dad). Emerson attended his first NHL game and saw the Jets play the Kings! (We have season tickets to the Jets). He slept through the whole game! What a charmed life Wink
- On the 1st of January we drove 8 hours to Minneapolis, caught a 1 hour flight to Chicago, sat at the Chicago airport for 5 hours, and caught a 4 hour flight to Phoenix. We left at 6:00 am that morning and arrived at my IL's property in Phoenix at 4 am on the 2nd. Yeah. We're insane. With a 4.5 yr old, 3 yr old and 1 month old. They were all so good though!
- We left Phoenix on the 5th after a lovely but short vacation. We got home on the 6th at 8 pm after a whole lot of flying and driving!
- Emerson is 6 weeks old today and we've made the 6 week breastfeeding milestone! His latch is still not great and I don't think we've gotten rid of the thrush completely, but we made it this far! I was afraid I was coming down with mastitis again on our last day in Phoenix, but I managed to get rid of the tender, red blotch and clog with only 1 day of feeling kind of crummy. Now we will shoot for 2 months! We'll take it a month at a time but I think I'll probably only go 6 months. I'll be pretty darn proud no matter what.
- Em has a check up next week, so I'll update with his stats then, but he's a big boy! He's wearing 3-6 month clothes.

We're doing pretty well and now just have to settle back in to our post-holiday lives! Missed you all!

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Congratulations on your bfing milestone. That is wonderful! It sounds like you are doing beautifully with three kiddos. Welcome back!

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Wow - you call that a holiday??? Wink Glad you had a good time and it sounds like everyone traveled so well. WTG on 6 weeks BFing! Looking forward to his checkup stats next week. Welcome back!

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So good to have you back Sandra!! It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday vacation with your family! You should have had a stop off in Vegas since you were so close lol! Wink Congrats on crossing the BF milestone as well... I'm right there with you and am so excited I've been able to BF Trystan exclusively!

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Sandra! I've missed you! Glad to hear an update, and hope you can find a little time to hang out more again Smile

And congrats on that milestone! I know you've had some challenges along the way so good work!

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Wow!! you are much braver then I ever would be. lol. I Don't think I would travel that much with a newborn let alone all the kids.. I'm so glad they behaved for you and it was some what easy.

Yaaa on the breastfeeding milestone!!! I hope it gets easier for you and you are able to continue as long as you want to Smile