How's that SEX life?

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How's that SEX life?

How are you new momma's settling in to your sex life again? Any funny stories? (only asking because I have one...LOL)

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We are being intimate about once a week, sometimes 2. DH is working about 90 hours a week right now, so I am doing full kids/housework duty. If it were up to me I'd go straight to sleep every night but I try to make an effort for DH.

Last night after we were done, we burst out laughing when we realized I'd leaked a good amount of breastmilk all over the bed! It was sopping wet. I warned him that's what he gets when we take the bra off!

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ROFL Too funny Sandra!!

Our sex life has definitely fallen off the deep end, because like you said, I do it now just to keep DH off of my back. I really wonder what the heck happened to my libido that I had when I was pregnant (and for years up until now!), because I'm sure all of you remember what a teenage boy I was lol! I swear there's just something about having four kids now and working full time... I'm beyond exhausted. By the time I finally get the baby down and my older boys bathed and ready for bed, DD is still up and running about like a lunatic and it's 11:30PM. I don't know why DH isn't tired too, as he works 50 hours a week and still helps to care for the kids and do housework like I do, but he's all over me (to be precise, he's all over me about giving him oral, which bugs the crap out of me) all of the time! I wouldn't mind getting it on in the AM, as I'm awake and pretty energized... but for whatever reason DH always wants to DTD at night when I'm exhausted, so needless to say it doesn't happen very often. I'd say we're running on every 10 days or so, when he finally hassles me into it. We DTD last night, however, and it was pretty fantastic... lol...

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We usually DTD everyday. Except last week.DH was in the dog house and didnt get it at all. I prefer mornings and that is easiest to just do it when the baby is up for a feeding. I have a very high drive and try to make time for it every day.

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Nonexistent, lol. I am so tired I barely manage once every couple of weeks!

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We have barely DTD. I still get a little uncomfortable from my horrid rip. And my post baby body has me a little on the shy side. I don't want him to see my stretch marks or squishy belly.