I find the symptoms getting worse :(

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I find the symptoms getting worse :(

Anybody else? I'm barely functioning this week! I spent the morning hanging over the toliet throwing up and I'm exhausted! I mean it's been bad Sad I know my hcg was 50,000 at 6 weeks so it's now 10 plus weeks and it must be way into the 100's of thousands by now. It should be tappering off right? I've lost weight recently too, dropping 4 lbs quickly. I know my body is changing..just thought it should get better. My doctor said my uterus is measuring large, already out of the pelvic cavity at 8 weeks (my last prenatal) and she ordered an ultrasound to figure out why. I'm sure of my dates, but that being said, IF I was further along than expected..wouldn't it really tapper off by then?? Is it tappering off for others or getting worse? Help Sad

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Mine is better on days...and worse on days...it all depends. I'm ready for this tri to be over! Maybe you are carrying twins...? Hmmmm?

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I have been told every pregnancy that I have a large uterus. maybe your never shrank back all the way from your last pregnancy? since it wasn't that long ago? have you had any u/s so far? when will you schedule it?

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Mine is back and forth as well.Somedays I feel like I am better and other days it is worse.They say hormones peek between 10-12 weeks so it is supposed to get better after that.Heres to hoping it does.

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I hope you feel better soon...I know how it feels to be that sick. Things lightened up for me at 11 weeks - although I will be honest I am still nauseated almost all day and puke once a day but I feel much more energy now and am doing so much better. Take care!