I have a ???

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I have a ???

So of course no one wants to have a baby right now, this early. But we are getting further along, I was wondering if there will be a birth announcement thread? A thread only for birth announcements and no comments like a general story of birth and babys info like height, weight, inches, gestation and of course mothers name! I hope not to see any early babies but my last DD was a preemie at 32 weeks. Just a suggestion Wink

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Sounds good to me!!

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Most boards do them and I would hope we have host soon lol. I think it would be great to get something set up to share when our little ones start to arrive.

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I like the idea. We will have to set it up!!

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Good idea! What is up with not having a host yet? I thought we had a couple of volunteers?

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Have the October ones been assigned yet? I know we had some people volunteer and email Missy, so we shouldn't be too much longer hopefully!

ETA: September has mods, but October still doesn't. Guess we'll keep waiting!

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In the other room that I lurk in the moms just get on and post their birth stories one by one. Also, the farther you get, the other rooms pair up with each other two by two and swap phone numbers, that way when you go into labor you can call or text your phone buddy so that they can let all of the girls on here know what's going on until you're able to get online and tell everyone yourself! As far as the mods, technically as long as everyone in the room is in their second trimester one can be assigned, it's really just up to whoever wants to do it, they need to PM Missy and let her know.