I Love My Doctor!! (DH Approves..LOL!)

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I Love My Doctor!! (DH Approves..LOL!)

Hi Ladies!

Saw my perinatologist today for a full heart scan on the LO. Doctor says Devin's heart is perfect! He was so excited about the progress of his growth. Such positivity!

I am so grateful to have a healthy pregnancy/baby and all is well! Whenever I leave my peri's office, I am always in a great mood because Doc is just so wonderful!

I see my OB next week. I will have a rough draft of my birth plan ready to discuss. We'll see if I love my OB as much as my Peri! LOL!

Just wanted to share. Smile

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Biggrin I'm so happy Devin is so healthy!

And congrats on a great peri. Positive care providers are the best.

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It's always great to hear they are healthy! Congrats!

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Fantastic news!

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Positive and happy doctor makes all the difference! I am glad you have that! I am also thrilled that Devin is growing well and is healthy! Woot!

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great news!
glad you are Smile

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Yeah for the great news! It is always a plus when you love your doctor and you feel like a person not just another patient being taking care of.

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That is AWESOME news!!!! I too really like all my docs. It truly does make such a difference when you like them and get great care. I feel bad that the medical system gets such a bad rep...I have had such great experiences! I hope the OB is just as good.

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Congrats on a great appt! If you don't mind me asking, why do you have to see a peri as well as your OB?