I need your thoughts and prayers please

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I need your thoughts and prayers please

I just got the results of my nucheal test and I am at a moderate to high risk. I have to go back in a couple of weeks to have new tests done.

I am devestated. I can feel my baby moving around and to know that there might be something wrong is unbearable. I know the chances are in favour of everything being fine, but I am completely destroyed.

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Will do...
do you have to go and get an amnio??

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They start with more blood work because more markers are present the further you go along. If they come back with the same risk or higher then I guess I will have an amnio. I just never imagined it would happen to me.

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You will definitely be in my thoughts. It's stressful to have a hint that something might be wrong with the baby... I hope that your further tests indicate a healthy baby!
Big hugs in the meantime!

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I hope it is nothing.

I am with you on the worry. Ever since I saw something was different I mean obviously wrong to my untrained u/s eyes, I have been so paranoid. I know it isn't the worst because my dr told me not to worry, but I saw people with similar to what I have, but not the same at all, and those poor babies, come out horribly disfigured. my heart breaks for those moms.

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Freesia, you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers! I'm sure the chances that your baby is perfectly healthy are still much higher than that of there being any problems -- I wish you strength, courage and peace.

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You and your LO will be in my thoughts over the next few days.

Like Asha I pray that further test reveal a healthy LO.

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Thinking of you...and sending many prayers your way. I truly hope that this is a case where further tests show all to be great with you and your little one. Take care!

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Thanks everyone! The chances really are in my favour but having to wait another three weeks to find out is going to kill me! Your support means a lot to me.

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Oh Freesia, I am so sorry! It sucks having to wait, especially when your baby is the one you're worrying about.

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"Freesia34" wrote:

Thanks everyone! The chances really are in my favour but having to wait another three weeks to find out is going to kill me! Your support means a lot to me.

logging on in my weekly fashion now...Freesia I am going through similar stuff and awaiting the Afp test and Amnio soon. Waiting before and after tests is scary so hugs to you and hope all is well with your babe:D

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I'm hoping that this is one of the the NT's (all too many) false positive tests. Thoughts and prayers with you.

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Sorry I'm late & just reading this now, hang in there & try to think positive