I saw my baby today!

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I saw my baby today!

I went in for my 9 wk appt and the baby's heart beat was beating away and it was wiggling around and moving it's little arm buds and legs! Sooo cute and I'm totally relieved. I feel this first trimester can't go by fast enough. I've been so worried because I've had spotting a few times starting week 5. The spotting stopped last week though.
This is our first baby and we've been TTC for about 2 years.
I'm so happy!!!!!!

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Congrats - that is awesome news!! Glad the spotting has stopped too. It is so exciting when you get to see it isn't it.

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Glad you had such a great appointment! Smile

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awesome news!!! :):icecream:

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Sounds great all around! Congrats!

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Hooray for good appointments! Biggrin

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Fantastic! Congrats on seeing your little baby!

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Thanks! What a relief!!! Now, just a few more weeks and out of this first excruciating trimester!

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Im so glad you got to see your precious little bundle Smile

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