I spilled the beans...finally!

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I spilled the beans...finally!

I finally "came out" on fb about this pregnancy. I mainly did it because of my business, and wanting to give my customers a "reason" for why I am stopping taking custom orders next week...so I had to share on my personal page too.

Here's a link to how I shared:

please feel free to add me on fb if you haven't and want to. Smile

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Congrats on coming out lol!

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I tried to look but it wouldn't let me Sad Hope everyone was excited Smile

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Oh shoot. I probably have my security too tight. I'll try to post it here.

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Know what--its also on my business page- http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=263274470371511&set=a.164638196901806.35476.157554717610154&type=1&theater

(please don't feel obligated to like my biz page...it was just easier for me to post a link to the photo than uploading something to photobucket)

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congrats on coming out! it was about time! lol!!! Smile

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Awwe that's a really cute way! Is Jack wearing one of your shirts?

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No, he's not wearing one of mine in that shot. He's got a few, but that's his special "big brother" shirt, I got for like 50 cents at a yard sale. Smile

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Cute! What long lashes he has Smile

(and I hear you about photobucket - I only use it for pg.org stuff)

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Cute~ oh so cute! Congrats on 'coming out' it can be weird for work can't it.