I think I'm Changing Hospitals.. UPDATE #7

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I think I'm Changing Hospitals.. UPDATE #7

Well..my birth plans have been so up and down the past couple of months. Here is a recap:

Around the beginning of second trimester, DH and I explored the idea of a water birth. It's something I really really wanted but DH was not happy about the cost to us out of pocket. I agreed and I let my water birth dream fade....

We decided to stay with our OB and deliver at his hospital. We're familiar with this hospital because we have had two children there. It's a nice hospital... but it is in an extremelly busy area of southern California. Parking is confusing (gave birth twice there and both times DH parked in the wrong lot!! LOL!). No problems with the birth at this hospital..but there were some things I wish I would have done differently.

I just went on a tour at a DIFFERENT hospital on Saturday with my oldest son (DH was in physical therapy...told us to go ahead since my son will drive when I go into labor.) I instantly fell in love with this place! First, the area is not busy. Parking is NOT confusing. Then, on the tour, we received packets of info on the hospital. Inside the packet was a brochure about "The Golden Hour/Nesting Time" Here's a little of what it said...

The Golden Hour

...the birthing room becomes an intimate sanctuary the moment baby arrives. Lights are dimmed and voices lowered as the newborn infant, gently dried with warm blanket, is placed on mother's chest. Visitors are asked to respect the new family's precious golden hour by remainiing outside the birthing room in our family waiting area. Baby will be wighed, measured and bathed after this period ends.

...encourages all mothers and babies to spend their golden hour "skin to skin". Baby is evaluated (apgar) on mother's chest. After this, all medical staff will leave the room..."

Well, I just fell in love with that! They support delayed cord clamping as well! The rooms are intimate. They support vertical birth! It's like a hospital/birth center hybrid! I want to deliver here. I think that would mean I need to change OB's as my doctor only delivers at the first hospital.

I am 98% sure, I am changing hospitals! What do you think?

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Wow that sounds really amazing!

You could try speaking to someone who has birthed there and experienced the "golden hour"

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Well, this is a very personal choice to make, especially since you're more than half way through your pregnancy. Have you considered calling your original hospital and asking them if they're open to doing some of the things that you like about the new one? Do you know of another great doctor that you could switch to so late in "the game?"

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Or, probably switch. How is your relationship with your current OB? If you click with the new OB, I'd definitely switch.

I think it could make things less stressful if some of the things you want - the skin-to-skin, dim lights and delayed cord clamping are a given, rather than something you might have to fight hard for.

I love the fact that I don't have to worry about hardly anything except for my own comfort when my LO decides to come, since the philosophy of my entire birth center aligns completely with mine.

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Go with what feels right and will make you happiers. If you meet with the new OB and like him/her and feel more comfortable in the new hospital do it! It sounds great.

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go with what feels best to you Smile

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Please don't think I'm ditsy... My husband thinks I'm a little coo coo! All this time I ASSUMED my doctor doesn't deliver at hospital #2. From the first appt with him, he only talked about hospital #1. My husband said, "Did you ask the doc if he delivers at hosp #2?" Simple enough, right?

Well I called my OB's office today and he DOES deliver at hospital #2!!!! EUREKA!!! So I don't have to change docs and I can have my baby at hospital #2!


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Oh wow--that's awesome!!! congrats on finding something that sounds so amazing!

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How nice to have such a simple solution! What a wonderful birth you will have!

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That sounds perfect! I'm glad you are getting to have your delivery at the hosptial of your choice with your doctor!

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Tamara, I'm so glad that all is working out for you and you don't have to stress about switching docs or anything like that!