If you work outside the home

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If you work outside the home

How the heck do you do it!?? I had to clean out my classroom today and I am knackered beyond beleif! Kudos to you!

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It's exhausting. I don't even have a tough job, either. I'm full time, but only work about 32 hours per week. I'm a concierge at a resort here in Vegas, but it's kind of a cover, as I work for the marketing department... I book the timeshare tours for our guests and give them free shows and dinners in exchange. I also do all of the concierge stuff as well, booking Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam tours, car rentals, and show tickets, but my main job is to book the timeshare tours. I do get to sit down all day (thank God)! With my first two babies I worked retail full time and was on my feet all day... I had some serious cankles going on! If I didn't have any kids I think I would be okay, but now that this is my fourth and my two boys are in school, it's gotten much harder. I hate not being able to take them to school EVERY DAY and pick them up. I hate not being there at home EVERY NIGHT to help them with their homework. DD is 2 1/2 and starting to ask my mom (who sits for me while I'm working), "Nana, where's mommy? She's at work? I miss mommy!" It makes me want to cry. I've been working full time since she was born (I had to go back to work when she was just two weeks old, as I couldn't afford to take any more time off than that) and I feel like I've missed so much in her life. I feel like I'm doing both jobs (being a mom and a concierge) half @ss, and I hate that. I would much rather just be home with my babies, giving them the time and attention that they deserve every minute of the day. Sorry this is so long, but it weighs on my heart every day... I'm really hoping that DH will be able to find a better job, or even get a second job, so that I can just be home with my four babies (come December!) and do the best job in the world... be their mom who's there for them whenever they need.

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LOl I am a zombie. Smile

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Lol, it's simple, nothing at home gets done! Jokes aside it's not easy but I think I've given up trying to balance, kwim? Sucks that I can't do all the simple stuff like all the meals, cleaning laundry etc. But I work on commission so have some flexibility in my schedule which helps for appointments and the occasional no-preschool or sick day etc. I know so many Moms who seem so much more capable than me. At least I have been able to afford a great preschool.