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I'll Post :)

I have to admit, I'm one of those people who reads more than they post. Life just gets so busy and I'm normally signed on while feeding my 9 month old her breakfast.

Okay so life has been hard! Good but hard. My baby is very headstrong and not been wanting go to a short, 2 hour daycare stretch, while I'm in class. It's stressing my dh and I out as he's working on his phd and I'm in a nursing/premed program. The other older three, although wonderful children, have been full of energy lately. I've been void of all energy. LOL.

My belly is popping quickly and I'm experiencing hunger on a whole new level! Like stomach growling, nauseas, must eat before I hurt someone feeling. It's aweful. Not to mention, I do eat! Apparently not enough though. My appetite though hasn't been great, mainly just want tomatoes and cheese and not much else.

The biggest challenge these days is just honest exhaustion. Anybody else?

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I hear ya. I am SO tired.

My DS insists on getting up at 6 am every day. The problem is, I CAN'T go to bed early, no matter how hard I try. I am super tired in the morning and afternoon, but by evening, my mind won't shut off. My BODY is tired, but I can't fall asleep until at least 11:30. And 6 hours of sleep is not cutting it. I've always been a need-at-least-8-hours-of-sleep kinda gal Wink

Plus, my kids are so psycho these days I'm surprised I'm still alive. DS is your classic 2 year old weapon of mass destruction. You'd cringe at stories I could tell abut him :eek: LOL.

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I have found myself exhausted as well.I know that it is supposed to taper off in the 2nd trimester and mine isnt. It doesnt help that I think the kids must be sneaking sugar in all day at school cause when they come home they are crazy! I am a little embarassed to say I cant wait for school to be out so they can actually go to their dads for 2 weeks and I can relax.Maybe I can catch up on all the stuff I have been neglecting.

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WOW I have so much respect for all of you with other children. Goodness, I'm so glad I get a practice round being pregnant before I get to juggle a toddler and a pregnancy.

Exhaustion...yes. I'm sleeping two hours more a night than pre-pregnancy which is a privilege, I realize. And hunger affecting me to the point of homicidal tendencies... I feel that one, too Smile

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Yes! I find myself crawling into bed around 8pm each night because I'm just too tired to function. Between trying to run a household and complete my studies I just run out of energy. It is better from the first trimester, I don't need to take my nana naps in the afternoon.

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wow - Melody you sure are one busy lady. I hope this all gets easier for you soon.

I actually feel my energy levels are finally better but I also go to bed by 9pm and take one-two naps a day. It is great when my doc orders me to rest...then I do it. My biggest problems is I still puke once a day. And heave a couple times a day. Oh well - it keeps me from eating to much Smile

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I wake up at about 5am everyday. I don't want to! I just can't sleep any longer. But I am so tired all day long.

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I have a blasted toothache! So i went to the dentist, hoping they would do something, but no- she wants me out of the first trimester. What???!!! I am almost 15 weeks ( today I am) and she considers me in first tri???
She said she will call my OB and ask. Turns out my OB is also her OB and my dentist is my OB's dentist Biggrin Small world.

So I can't sleep. It sucks. I am going to see him today in like 6 hours. Praying for the heartbeat though- my last pregnancy the baby died at 14 weeks.

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Asha-good luck at your ultrasound!!

I have been sick as a blasted dog lately!!! It started on Wednesday night (a week ago) when the little guy had a fever. Took him to docs on Thursday, ear infection, wheezing, fever, etc. So antibiotics and nebulizer tx. Fun times. He was feeling better on Friday and on Saturday we decided to go on our little weekend trip to see college friends (wedding reception for one on Sunday). Well, little guy was MISERABLE the whole time. It was awful. We ended up leaving two or three hours before we planned on it on Sunday, and the 3 hour trip home was 1 hour of peaceful quiet followed by 2 hours of fussing.

Then hubby and I got the sickness. And I see why Jack was miserable. DH took Tuesday and Wednesday off from work, I spent most of the day yesterday in bed. I haven't been this sick since I had the flu four years ago. I feel much better today.

I think I got the worst of it because I am preggo.

Other than that, I *think* I've been feeling some little flutters. I still don't want to tell family till after my appointment on 5/26, and I hear a heartbeat. But I'm looking big in the belly so I don't know if I can go to a family gathering this weekend without people asking if I am!!!

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You are one busy lady!!

Sandra I'm so with you! I wake up exhausted and drag then Evan goes to bed at 8 and I enjoy the me time and struggle to get to bed before 11 and M/T/W the alarm goes off at 6 for work. Today though I did get to sleep until 8, it was LOVELY. But usually Evan is up no later than 7.